Here’s How You Can Get Arathi Basin Reputation in WoW Season of Discovery


Here’s How You Can Get Arathi Basin Reputation in WoW Season of Discovery

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Arathi Basin is the latest battleground in WoW Season of Discovery, and it features brand-new factions with which players can grind rep.
Are you wondering how to get Arathi Basin reputation in WoW Season of Discovery? Here's a guide to help you.

There’s no doubt that World of Warcraft (WoW) Season of Discovery Phase 2 has introduced tons of new content for players to try out. Whether it’s doing PvP in Stranglethorn Vale or collecting new ruins or books, there’s something for every player to do. One of the latest additions in Phase 2 is the Arathi Basin, where completing battles will net you powerful loot. However, gaining reputation points in the Arathi Basin can prove to be quite difficult, especially if you’re new to the game. In this guide, we’ll reveal how you can quickly grind reputation for this domination battleground in WoW Season of Discovery.

WoW SoD Phase 2: How to Earn Arathi Basin Reputation?

In WoW Season of Discovery, two factions are associated with the Arathi Basin, with Alliance and Horde having access to them. The Alliance faction is the League of Arathor, and the Horde faction is the Defilers. These two factions have open-world strongholds found in the Arathi Highlands. The Alliance base can be found in Refuge Pointe, and the Horde base is located in Hammerfall. 

Playing games of Arathi Basin is the easiest way to gain a reputation with the League of Arathor and the Defilers. It’s an incredible battleground mode that awards ten reputation points every time your faction manages to collect 200 resources during a game. As you’ll need more than 40,000 reputation points to go from Neutral to Exalted, you’ll have to play a lot of games.

Luckily, you can quickly get points by finishing quests, including The Battle for Arathi Basin and Claiming Arathi Basin. Each quest will require you to participate in the battleground, and you will be rewarded several hundred reputation points each. That’s not all; you can get an extra reputation for your faction by taking part in the Stranglethorn Vale Blood Moon PvP event during SoD Phase 2.

Here’s How You Can Get Arathi Basin Reputation Points in WoW Season of Discovery

You can exchange One Silver Blood Coin with Mai’zin for a Shipment of Stranglethorn Lumber. Giving this to your faction representative in the Arathi Highlands will gain you 200 Reputation Points. 

That’s everything you need to know on how to earn Arathi Basin Reputation points in WoW Season of Discovery. For more guides, check out how you can get Mageweave in WoW

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