WoW Quest Guide: How to Complete Relics of Light Quest?


WoW Quest Guide: How to Complete Relics of Light Quest?

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In WoW Season of Discovery, players can obtain runic engraving for their Paladin by completing the Relics of Light quest.
Are you wondering how to complete Relics of Light quest in WoW Season of Discovery? Here's a guide to help you.

World of Warcraft (WoW) Season of Discovery has proven to be an incredible experience for new players and franchise veterans. SoD has managed to win the hearts of many, and it seems like developers are taking the correct steps to breathe new life into an almost 20-year-old game. The season has introduced exciting new quests, one of them being ‘Relics of Light.’ By finishing this mission, you’ll be able to unlock the first runic engraving for your Paladin. However, it’s not an easy quest. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how you can complete the Relics of Light quest in WoW Season of Discovery.

WoW SoD Phase 2: How to Start Relics of Light Quest?

Before you begin the quest, you will require a Paladin. Once you’ve created your character, you need to get it to Level 4. Although you can accept the quest when you’re at Level 2, you won’t be able to complete it until you reach Level 4. This is because you will require Level 4 Ability: Judgment to finish the quest and learn the rune engraving. 

To begin the ‘Relics of Light’ quest, you must first talk to a Paladin trainer. Here’s where you can find them – 

  • Humans: Brother Samuel can be found in the Northshore Abbey, Halls of Arms (50.40 42.00).

  • Dwarves: Bromos Grummner can be found in Anvilmar (28.80 68.30)

WoW SoD Phase 2: How to Complete Relics of Light Quest?

To finish this mission, you must first defeat the Frostmane Trolls or the Defias Brotherhood. Here’s how you can find both of them – 

  • Frostmane Trolls – You can find them near or inside their cave (30.000 80.000)

  • Defias Brotherhood – You can find them across the river from Abbey, around the vineyard (54.50 47.30).

Visit either of the above locations and take out the enemies until one of them gives you the ‘Libram of Judgement.’ Once you’ve obtained it, equip it to your Relic slot. 

After you’ve equipped the Libram, you must also power it up. To do that, you need to unleash ten seals on your enemies. Begin fighting enemies, using the Seal of Righteousness and Judgement to unleash the seal. You don’t have to defeat the enemies completely; you need to utilize the seals on them. Whenever you do this, you’ll receive a buff stack in the top right corner, and you need to reach a stack of 10.

WoW Quest Guide: How to Complete Relics of Light Quest?

Now, open your character and right-click on the Libram of Judgement relic. This will destroy it, but you’ll finally learn your first rune engraving, which is Crusader Strike. Head back to your Paladin trainer to complete the quest. 

WoW SoD Phase 2: All Relics of Light Quest Rewards

Once you’ve completed the Relics of Light Quest, you’ll be rewarded with the Crusader Strike rune engraving, which can be cast on your gloves. This gives you access to the Crusader Strike ability, which allows you to hit your enemy for 75% damage and restore 2% of your mana. It doesn’t cost any mana to use but has a six-second cooldown. 

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