Here’s How You Can Easily Take Down Annihilator Tanks in Helldivers 2


Here’s How You Can Easily Take Down Annihilator Tanks in Helldivers 2

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The Annihilator Tanks are heavily armored and possess the ability to kill Helldivers in one shot if they land a direct hit from their cannon.
Their main disadvantages are their slow movement and their weak spot which is the heatsink or vent behind their artillery cannon.

Helldivers 2 encompasses numerous deadly enemies who will attempt to stop you on your mission to protect Super Earth. One such enemy type is the Annihilator Tanks belonging to the Automatons faction. You might face these foes as a part of your Personal Orders, which will demand you to kill not one but two of these tanks. While it might seem intimidating as a new player, worry not as this guide will provide you with the best tips and strategies to deal with this adversary in Helldivers 2.

How to Eliminate the Annihilator Tanks in Helldivers 2?

As mentioned above, the Annihilator Tanks are part of the Automatons, which are arguably one of the most powerful factions in the game, possessing killer robot troops like Devastators, Hulks, and Tanks. However, you need to know that there are two types of tanks within Helldivers 2, one of them being the Annihilators. 

While Shredder tanks have two machine guns, the Annihilator packs quite the punch, with one machine gun and a long barrel artillery cannon capable of dealing significant game to you and your squad. Thankfully, if you are new to the game, you have the option to avoid facing them until you are powerful enough. Annihilator tank encounters occur only in missions with Hard or higher difficulty (five and above).

The Annihilator tanks are usually heavily armored and they also have a 360-degree field of view. They can also one-shot kill if you take a direct hit. While this might sound daunting, one key point to remember is that these tanks are very slow both in terms of their movement and gunfire, which makes it easy to dodge their attacks by hiding behind cover. 

weak spot

Similar to most enemies, the Annihilator tank also has a weak spot, which is the heatsink behind its cannon. Shoot at them with weapons like the Railgun, Autocannon, Anti-material Rifle, and other such heavy weapons and you will be able to destroy them relatively quickly. The only situation where the Annihilator tanks might be a challenging opponent is when you are facing numerous infantry Automatons beside it, making it difficult to prioritize your enemies.

If you find yourself surrounded by numerous infantry units and cannot reach closer to the Annihilators, you can also use your stratagems to take them out effectively. Something like the Eagle Airstrike or the Orbital Cannons will make sure to decimate both the tank and the enemies surrounding the area. 

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