What Is the Medal Cap in Helldivers 2? All Currency Limits Explained


What Is the Medal Cap in Helldivers 2? All Currency Limits Explained

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Completing Major and Personal Orders will make you reach your Medal cap in a very short time.
Requisition Slips and Medals are two in-game assets that can quickly reach their maximum limits, capping at 50,000 and 250, respectively.

Helldivers 2 boasts a colossal catalog of weapons, armor, and stratagems that are vital for your mission to serve and protect Super Earth. Obtaining all of these items involves playing through various missions and stockpiling resources and currencies like Requisition Slips, Samples, and Medals. While saving up to buy the most coveted equipment might be on every player’s mind, you need to be aware that the game also has a maximum limit of assets you can hold. Here’s a breakdown of all currency and resource caps per player in Helldivers 2.

All Known Currency and Resource Limits in Helldivers 2

Although saving up your Medals to purchase items and cosmetics can feel quite rewarding, you need to know that you are limited to a maximum of 250 Medals, which means if you earn anything more than this amount, it will not be added to your inventory or stored away elsewhere. This includes Medals from any missions or from completing community-wide Major Orders.

In addition to your Medals going unearned, you must also watch out for the limit on Requisition Slips which currently max out at 50,000. These are arguably the two currencies within the game that can easily fill up, so make sure you actively spend them every chance you get. While Medals can be spent on Warbonds at the Acquisition Center in your ship, Requisition Slips can be used to purchase various stratagems you desire.

Although not as frequent as the aforementioned currencies, resources like the various types of Samples can also accumulate in a relatively short amount of time. Here are the limits for all Samples in Helldivers 2:

  • Common Samples: 500

  • Rare Samples: 250

  • Super Rare Samples: 100

Common Samples can be found just by exploring areas surrounding main and side missions, bunkers, containers, and more. Therefore, you must make sure you use them on available ship upgrades as soon as you accumulate a considerable amount of them. Rare and Super Uranium Samples, on the other hand, can be quite scarce as they are only available at higher difficulty levels.

The only known currency without any hourly or daily limit within the game is the Super Credits, as they can be purchased using real money. Those are pretty much all the currency and resource limitations present within Helldivers 2. Although limits for Medals and Requisition Slips might be quite low, it is a deliberate decision made by the devs, as uncapping them would mean players would unlock every available item immediately, diminishing the significance of strategic purchases.

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