Here Are All the Upcoming Marvel Games Revealed During the Insomniac Leaks

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here Are All the Upcoming Marvel Games Revealed During the Insomniac Leaks</p></div>
Here Are All the Upcoming Marvel Games Revealed During the Insomniac Leaks


The data breach suffered by Insomniac revealed 4 Marvel projects that were part of their internal roadmap.
Considering the severity of this leak, it is unsure whether Insomniac will continue to develop these IPs or not.

Recently, Sony-owned Insomniac Games suffered a devastating cyber attack by Ransomware group Rhysida, who asked for 50 BTC or over $ 2 million USD from any bidder to gain access to 1.67 TB of data from the studio. Upon failing to meet their demands, they publicly released the data which contained crucial information about Insomniac’s current and upcoming projects that were being developed in collaboration with Marvel. This leak revealed a detailed roadmap of Insomniac’s plans until 2030 and even showcased gameplay footage from the upcoming Wolverine title. Let’s jump right in and take a look at all the games that were unintentionally unveiled.

All Upcoming Marvel X Insomniac Games Revealed From the Leaks

According to the leaked info, the internal roadmap of Insomniac started in July of this year and goes all the way until 2030, at least for all the known games. Here are all the known Marvel games that are part of this roadmap:

Marvel’s Venom


Insomnia’s recent Spider-Man 2 followed the adventures of Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they combated numerous Marvel villains. Apart from villains like the Craven The Hunter and the Lizard, the game also featured Venom, the archnemesis of Spider-Man. While it is not much of a surprise to see the symbiote get its own title, it certainly makes us curious to see how the gameplay will play out. Although there has been no official announcement, this title is first in the roadmap, supposedly slated for a 2025 release.

Marvel’s Wolverine


This title will represent Insomniac’s take on the X-men universe, featuring the clawed brute taking down his foes while also introducing other iconic superheroes from the franchise. New information says that over 25 minutes of pre-alpha footage captured from the PlayStation 5 has been leaked and it shows combat and traversal elements featured in the game. This title is expected to hit the shelves after the Venom spin-off title, sometime around 2026.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 3


After playing through Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, fans are already anticipating the sequel, hoping that it will continue the events of the previous title, and are expecting Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius to join forces. Although the dual-protagonist narration style is also expected to return, we do not have concrete details regarding this and we will only know for sure when the game drops supposedly during Fall 2028.

Marvel’s X-Men


This will act as a standalone game, further delving into the X-Men universe that will be showcased in Wolverine. Apart from introducing iconic X-men characters, we can also expect to see more Wolverine lore added to this title. It is most likely to be released for the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, considering its apparent Fall 2030 release date.

Those are pretty much all the Marvel games that have been leaked as part of the Insomniac data breach. Considering this catastrophic incident, it is unsure what Insomniac and Marvel’s next move would be, so these dates and plans are entirely subject to change.

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