Insomniac Hackers Release News on Wolverine, Spider-Man 3, and More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Insomniac Hackers Release News on Wolverine, Spider-Man 3, and More</p></div>

Insomniac Hackers Release News on Wolverine, Spider-Man 3, and More

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A group of hackers have released 1.3 million files from Sony Corp.'s division, Insomniac Games, known for developing Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
The extensive leak includes game roadmaps, financial details, and comprehensive details about the upcoming Insomniac titles.

In the last week or two, we’ve seen malicious hackers threatening Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games for ransom. The hackers had been threatening to release confidential data on the upcoming projects from Insomniac unless they were paid upfront 50 BTC or $2,000,000 USD. The group of hackers gave the developer seven days to pay, or they would release the data. Sony had reportedly refused to pay up the ransom.

However, hackers have stuck to their word and released details about Insomniac’s partnership with Sony and other Marvel IPs. 

Hackers Release 1.3 Million Files Covering Upcoming Insomniac Projects

After releasing one of the best PS5 titles this year, Spider-Man 2, it looks like the details about Insomniac’s upcoming projects have leaked.

According to Cyber Daily, the ransomware group Rhysida has leaked 1.67 terabytes of files. The leaked data covers more than 1.3 million files, including videos and images, contracts between Sony and Marvel for upcoming projects, and personal staff files.

Insomniac Hackers Release News on Wolverine, Spider-Man 3, and More

Leaked videos are now circulating on social media platforms showcasing early Wolverine development footage from movement to features that we can expect to see in the game. That’s not all; unannounced characters, locations, game cast, the campaign, and a target release by the developer are also circulating online. The stolen files also give up details on future plans for Marvel’s Spider-Man and more.

Details from the leaked files give us a list of planned titles until 2033. Here’s a list of all the leaked titles -

  • Marvel’s Venom in 2025

  • Marvel’s Wolverine in 2026

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 2028

  • Marvel’s X-Men in 2030

  • A new untitled IP in 2031

Details on a series of “Online” releases have also surfaced, which includes Spider-Man 2 Online for a launch in 2024. The upcoming Venom looks to be a follow-up to Spider-Man 2 that connects directly to the third game in Insomniac’s Spider-Man franchise. The game will be called “Venom: Lethal Protector” and looks to be a project like Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The game is expected to offer an 8-10 hour standalone experience.

When the news of the data breaches initially dropped, Sony issued a statement saying that it had launched an investigation and confirmed that no other Sony divisions were affected. Neither it nor Insomniac Games have commented on the leaked material circulating online.

It’s exciting to get all these leaks for the upcoming Insomniac titles, but it’s just bad for the developers working at Insomniac. It’s not the first time we’ve seen these data breaches and cyberattacks. The AAA developers and publishers often face them. Before Insomniac Games, the most recent victims of hackers were Rockstar Games, CD Project Red, and Capcom.

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