Insomniac Leak Reveals New Wolverine Gameplay

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Insomniac Leak Reveals New Wolverine Gameplay</p></div>
Insomniac Leak Reveals New Wolverine Gameplay


The Spider-Man developer Insomniac Studios recently suffered a huge data breach by ransomware group Rhysida.
The leaks showcased numerous information such as employee data, Roadmap of their upcoming projects and gameplay footage from the upcoming Wolverine game.
The Wolverine gameplay footage showcased combat, traversal and investigative elements present in the upcoming title.

Recently, Sony’s Insomniac Games suffered a massive data breach by ransomware group Rhysida, who demanded 50 bitcoin or over $2 million USD for it. Upon failing to meet their demands, the group released over 1.67 Terabytes of data which contained more than 1.3 million files, according to Cyberdaily. Apart from critical employee information, we also saw gameplay footage of the upcoming Wolverine game, which is apparently the first in a series of three new X-Men titles from the studio. Without further ado, let’s jump right in and take a look at the leaks.

New Wolverine Gameplay Footage Shows Combat and Traversal Mechanics

Leaked gameplay footage of the upcoming Wolverine game has been circulating on X and it shows numerous combat mechanics along with player movement and even destructible environments which has excited several fans. 

As previous leaks pointed out, the game seems to be set in the fictional city of Madripoor, which were featured in numerous X-men comics and even in shows like The Falcon and Winter Soldier.

There are two main gameplay clips; one featuring combat and the other showcasing traversal and investigative elements built into the game. Each of them are 2 minutes and 20 seconds long. These pre-alpha stage footages seem to be taken from the PlayStation 5.

The first footage shows Wolverine fighting with several Assassins who are covered in Red Ninja-like costumes. This quest was titled “Vertical Slice: Intro to Madripoor and even featured the clawed brute take down a mini-boss who resurrected all the assassins he had previously killed.

The second clip showcased a quest titled “Vertical Slice: Lost Memory” where you have to meet Mystique at a construction site at the edge of Madripoor. We get to see Wolverine sporting his suit and smoothly traversing through the environment. Apart from jumping through small gaps between buildings, we also saw him run through electrical wires and even wall run through large gaps using his claws. 

Additionally, we got to see him investigate clues around the environment to track down Mystique. This hints us at the enticing gameplay elements that we will hopefully get to experience when the full game releases supposedly in early 2026

One thing to note is that the quests have “Vertical Slice” in them, which is a term commonly used by game developers to indicate a fully playable portion of the game. This means all of its key features and mechanics are working as intended along with all of the final assets.

Leaks Also Showcase Three Other X-Men Games by Insomniac

This massive data breach also contained an internal roadmap which is apparently dated from July of this year. Apart from the Wolverine game slated for 2026, we can also expect:

  • Marvel’s Venom: This will further build on the Spider-Man universe and act as a spin-off title featuring the Venom. This game will supposedly release in 2025.

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 3: This title is expected to drop in the year 2028 and will supposedly continue the adventures of Spider-Man and Miles Morales.

  • Marvel’s X-Men: A new venture for Insomniac featuring the X-Men universe. This IP is slated for a release in the year 2030, possibly when the new generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles might arrive.

That is pretty much all the information that was gathered from the data breach that Insomniac Studios suffered. Considering this devastating incident, these dates and plans can change entirely.

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