Here's what's new in GTA Online Weekly Update for 19th October 2023.


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GTA Online Weekly Update 19th October: All You Need to Know

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Rockstar Games is back with yet another weekly update for GTA Online.
Here's what's new in the GTA Online Weekly Update for 19th October 2023.

Moving past the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V and GTA Online 10th anniversary celebrations, Rockstar Games is going all in for Halloween for the second week running.

The GTA Online Weekly 19th October update patch notes were released early today and Rockstar Games is continuing the spooky theme. The game has a Halloween celebration, coupled with various discounts, boosts, and other rewards.

All regular GTA Online players know every week, Rockstar brings a new set of rewards, prizes, and goodies for everyone. Here’s everything you need to know about Rockstar’s latest update for GTA Online weekly.

GTA Online Weekly Update Details: 19th October to 26th October

Rockstar Games wrote about this update, "The Halloween festivities continue with the introduction of three new deathmatches, UFO Business Battles, encounters with Phantom Cars, and more starting this week. Players can also help local paranormal investigators, Ghosts Exposed, track down photographic evidence of apparitions."

New Content in 19th October Weekly Update

  • Albany Brigham (available from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $1,499,000)

  • Ghosts Exposed Ghost Hunt: Photograph all ten ghosts to receive the Ghosts Exposed livery for the new Albany Brigham

  • UFO Business Battles

  • Phantom Car

  • New Halloween Props in the Creator

GTA Online GTA$ and RP Bonuses 19th October

2X GTA$ and RP

  • Halloween Deathmatches


  • Acid Lab Sell Missions

3x GTA$ & RP

  • New Community Series

2x GTA$ & RP

  • Condemned

  • Lost vs. Damned

  • Slashers

  • Halloween Bunker Series

  • Alien Survivals

Free GTA Online bonuses for 19th-26th October

The two free GTA Online bonuses for this week are as follows:

  • Blue Vintage Werewolf Mask: Log into GTA Online week and you will receive the Blue Vintage Werewolf Mask after playing for 30 minutes.

  • Teal Vintage Zombie Mask: Deliver event cargo from any business battle and you will be rewarded with the unique Teal Vintage Zombie Mask.

GTA Online Weekly Discounts

40% discount

  • Grotti Bestia GTS

  • Lampadati Furore GT

  • Lampadati Michelli GT

  • Obey 8F Drafter

30% discount

  • Acid Lab Equipment Upgrade

  • Ammo

  • MK.2 Weapon Upgrade Cost

  • MTL Brickade 6×6

  • Lampadati Cinquemila

Th 20% discount is on the Buckingham Weaponized Conada.

GTA Online Time Trials This Week

  • HSW Time Trial: Sandy Shores to La Puerta

  • Premium Race: Crossing Paths

  • Time Trial: Vinewood Hills

The Test Track vehicles for this week (LS Car Meet) are Grotti Bestia GTS, Declasse Hotring Sabre, Obey 8F Drafter, and Imponte Arbiter GT.

GTA Online Weekly Update Release Time

From what we’ve seen with previous weekly updates, here are the times that the next update should appear across different regions:

  1. United Kingdom: 10 AM (GMT)

  2. Europe: 11 AM (CET)

  3. East Coast US: 5 AM (EST)

  4. West Coast US: 2 AM (PST)

However, keep in mind that these are not set times, and the updates can arrive earlier or later, depending on Rockstar.

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