GTA Online: Gun Van Location For 23rd February 2024

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GTA Online Gun Van Location


The GTA Online Gun Van is a portable weapon shop with exclusive weapons, throwable and body armor on sale.
If you're wondering where to find Gun Van, we've got you covered. Here's the GTA Online Gun Van location for today.

With The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, GTA Online players got fresh new challenges and exciting additions to the game. One of these was the Gun Van, an NPC spawn that roams through 30 different locations across the map.

The Gun Van offers players the chance to buy a variety of items, including consumables, firearms, and ammo, all at discounts. The catch is that it moves to a new location every day, but if you're looking for the best of the best, you don't want to miss out on the Gun Van.

So, here's everything you need to know about the GTA Online Gun Van location today.

GTA Online: Gun Van Time & Details

The Gun Van appears in GTA Online daily at 11 PM PDT, selecting one of the thirty possible locations. Whether you're in a private lobby or a public one, these locations will remain consistent and won't change. As you approach the spawning site, you'll see a van icon on your map guiding your way.

GTA Online: Where is Gun Van Today? 

There's no doubt that the Gun Van in GTA Online is probably the best way to pick up powerful weapons for a bargain, provided you know where it's going to spawn. So, where is the Gun Van today in Los Santos?

Gun Van Location

GTA Online has a massive pool of weapons to collect, and they're not cheap. That's where the Gun Van steps in, as it sells a variety of weapons each week. Don't make the mistake of ignoring the Gun Van because it has some guns you won't get anywhere else in the game.

If you're not able to see the marker on your map, don't worry; the Gun Van only appears on your map when you are close to it. Get to the location detailed above, and as you get close, you will see the Gun Van icon on your map.

GTA Online: Gun Van Inventory Today

Once you've reached the Gun Van daily spawn site, go towards the rear of the van. After you approach it, the van's doors will open, revealing the NPC vendor. You need to talk to the vendor when prompted to check out the Gun Van's inventory, which is divided into Weapons, Throwables, and Body Armor.

GTA Online Gun Van Location

It's important to remember that the Gun Van inventory refreshes every week, coinciding with the GTA Online weekly update. This takes place every Thursday.

Here are all the weapons available in Gun Van – 


  • Nightstick

  • Battle Rifle – 10%

  • Tactical SMG – 10%

  • Service Carbine – 10%

  • Widowmaker – 10%

  • Up-n-Atomizer – 10%

  • Rail Gun – 10%

  • Combat Shotgun – 10%

  • Stun Gun – 10%


  • Tear Gas - 10%

  • Proximity Mine - 10%

  • Grenade -10%

Body Armour

  • Light Armor – 10%

  • Standard Armor – 10%

  • Heavy Armor – 10%

  • Super Heavy Armor – 10%

And that's everything on GTA Online Gun Van location for today. Keep an eye on this post for daily Gun Van location updates and weekly inventory changes. Be sure to follow us, as we will keep you updated on the latest GTA Online news and guides.

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