Fortnite Might Receive a New ‘Billboard’ Feature for Its Item Shop


Fortnite Might Receive a New ‘Billboard’ Feature for Its Item Shop

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New rumors suggest that the Fortnite Item Shop will receive a new Billboard feature, highlighting new and popular outfits available for sale.
This new feature will reportedly be implemented with the Star Wars crossover, scheduled to go live on 3rd May.

After announcing the return of Star Wars to Fortnite, Epic Games has decided to add numerous other features to the game as part of the next update. Besides changes to gameplay, rumors suggest that the Item Shop will also receive several improvements including a new ‘Billboard’, to showcase some of the cosmetics within the store. 

In addition to this, you will also have a countdown timer, allowing you to know the exact time left to buy featured outfits and accessories. If you are as excited as we are, here’s everything we know about these upcoming features.

Fortnite’s ‘Billboard’ Feature Might Arrive With the Star Wars Crossover on 3rd May

Well-known Fortnite Leaker who goes by HYPEX mentioned in their post that the Billboard feature will be introduced as a part of the Star Wars collaboration, set to begin in early May. However, support for this feature will be added in the upcoming update which is scheduled to release on 23rd April. 

Although there has been no acknowledgment from Fortnite devs or Epic games, many are expecting the Billboard feature to be added on 3rd May, when the Star Wars crossover event begins. The board will read “REBEL LEIA ORGANA - FORTNITE STYLE” with a “VIEW OFFER” logo beside it. 

The leaker also mentioned that the Billboard display in the Item Shop was planned to be implemented and was later canceled. They shared an image of what the scrapped design looked like back in 2020. As evident, the board allows the devs to highlight new or popular cosmetics available in the store. It appears to cover more than half the screen with the featured outfit, and scrolling down would reveal more items within the shop.

Considering the 23rd April update, Hypex has also stated that there are chances for this feature to go live sooner as well. The v29.30 patch is expected to add a new Icon artist, Season 3 of Fortnite Festival, fresh Lego styles, and the return of the Tactical AR weapon. There is also potential for the Billboard to be added alongside the new Picture-in-Picture feature, which has already garnered attention among Fortnite fans.

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