Leaks Suggest Epic Games is Developing a Feature That Allows Players Watch TikTok in Fortnite



Leaks Suggest Epic Games is Developing a Feature That Allows Players Watch TikTok in Fortnite

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Leaks suggest that Fortnite will soon launch a feature called Picture-in-Picture that will revolutionize the gaming experience.
This feature could open up new possibilities in Fortnite and even allow players to watch TikToks while playing the game!

Epic Games has been consistently updating Fortnite, giving both old and new players something exciting to enjoy. The game is currently in the middle of Chapter 5 Season 2, which has brought various skins, cosmetics, and crossovers to the game! However, dataminers have discovered an upcoming update that may fundamentally change the battle royale forever. Leaks suggest that Epic Games is working on a new Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature that could allow Fortnite players to watch TikToks in a smaller window as they continue to play their matches.

Picture-in-Picture Is Coming Soon to Fortnite

Reputable Fortnite leaker @HYPEX shared images of leaked code on X. The code refers to a brand new feature currently labeled “PictureInPictureAction,” with various options such as play, like, unlike, and even report videos.

HYPEX believes that a range of social media platforms might be supported by this feature, one of which is TikTok. However, it’s not the first time Epic Games implemented a PiP feature. It first launched during 2019’s Fortnite World Cup and allowed players to view the World Cup matches live during their own games. However, Epic Games’ previous version of this feature didn’t allow players to like, unlike, or even report a video viewed with it. The feature also used to appear by default, and players were required to use a function in the game’s pause menu to switch it off. However, the new version teased seems to be more robust and functional. According to HYPEX, this feature will be useful for Fortnite players who have a single monitor.

There’s also a chance that this feature might be used to deliver in-game advertisements. Given that Fortnite has evolved to become a massive platform over the years, it’s not even surprising to imagine Epic Games using the feature for this purpose. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that nothing has been revealed officially by Epic Games; the feature is still in early development and will take quite time to implement

When Will Picture-in-Picture Release in Fortnite?

Given the scale of this particular feature, Epic Games has probably planned to save it for Fortnite Chapter 6 or beyond. Dataminers and leakers will likely provide us with more detailed information over the coming weeks/months regarding the launch of this feature. Until then, the majority of the information on the feature is based on speculation.

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