Football Manager Mobile 2024: Release Date, Platforms, and More

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Football Manager Mobile 2024: Release Date, Platforms, and More
Due to the collaboration with Netflix, players will need an active Netflix account to access the new FM 24 Mobile game.

Football Manager 2024 Mobile is the latest entry into the long list of football simulation games made by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. This new title brings changes such as new in-game options to tweak your team’s approach during Matchday, the addition of the pre-match hub to make important decisions before a game, the introduction of the J league which takes us to Meiji Yasuda Insurance Ltd J1, J2 and J3 leagues for us to play. Here’s what you need to know.

Football Manager Mobile 2024 Release Date

Football Manager is already out for all of us to enjoy. The game released on 6th November across numerous devices and mobile platforms such as Android and iOS happens to be on the list

Football Manager Mobile 2024 Platforms

Although FM Mobile 2024 is available on both Android and iOS, players will need to have an active Netflix subscription to access their account and save files. This is due to a partnership between Sega and the streaming service which is hoping to promote Netflix Games, their in-house gaming platform. Keep in mind that although streaming is available on smart TVs and other such devices, it will not allow you to play games on it. This feature will be limited to mobile and other handheld devices.

Football Manager Mobile 2024 Features

This new entry brings a slew of new features such as the Financial Fair Play system introducing rules and sanctions that elevate your transfer market experience. Players will also have access to three new game modes such as:

  • Original

  • Your World

  • Real World

These new modes combined with a revamped negotiation system that offers players new roles in their squads make the mobile version of Football Manager a worthy handheld alternative.

Differences Between FM 24 Mobile and PC

The mobile version of Football Manager certainly lacks numerous new features when compared to the PC or even the console version but it still contains all the core elements which makes for a fun management game.

The main visual differences are in lighting, player movement, and ball physics which provide more immersive Matchday experiences on PC and Console. Another variation comes in the form of detailed interaction with AI NPCs such as players, coaches, agents, etc. 

That is everything you need to know about the brand-new FM Mobile 2024 game. Do check out our other guides if you are interested in knowing more about being a Football Manager.

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