Football Manager 2024: Are There Differences Between the PC and Console Versions?

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The PC and Console versions of Football Manager 2024 are now closer than ever thanks to numerous quality-of-life updates brought to the latter.
The major difference between the two comes in the form of crossplay functionality between Xbox and PlayStation 5 users.

Sega’s latest Football Manager 2024 will hit the virtual shelves in less than a week and numerous fans are overjoyed to get their hands on it. This new installment brings a slew of updates such as new game modes, a refined transfer market, specialized set pieces, etc.

Similar to its predecessor, this upcoming title will also be available on several platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile via Netflix. Considering the game’s availability on numerous devices, you might be wondering if there are any major differences between them. Let's jump right into it.

Football Manager 2024: Similarities and Differences Between PC and Console

The developers at Sports Interactive have mentioned numerous times that this latest title will be the most complete Football Management game to date. This remains true for the console version, as it shares almost all of its core elements with the PC. However, certain new features are making their way to the Xbox and PlayStation 5 versions. These are:

Dynamics: This is a new system that allows you to create and define your own style while also understanding how your players are responding to your approach. These are in the form of manager principles which make you select three out of 10 core values and standards such as Dedication, Consistency, Leadership, etc which your players will live up to, every day in training and on Matchdays.

Training: This feature has been carried over and enhanced from the PC version, allowing you to experience a training module that gives you clarity and control over what your team is doing. Its UI has been refined to remain clutter-free and it has also added training units for Attacking, Defending, and Goalkeeping. You will be able to see their workloads and the top five attributes they will work on, for the next week.

Match Engine Updates: There have been numerous improvements made to the player animations, ball physics, and lighting as well as a brand-new Inverted Full-Back player role to provide an immersive Match Day experience. These quality-of-life changes mean console players will have access to better AI-controlled players, similar to the PC version.

Manager Creation Customization Tools: When beginning your career on console, you will also have access to fine-tune your manager’s appearance in terms of new hairstyles, facegen improvements, new outfits, lapel badges, and ability aids. You will also face smarter opponents in transfer markets as they will now make better decisions while buying or selling from you.

Although there are numerous similarities, the main difference between the PC and the Console version comes down to the Crossplay feature which allows Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One players to compete against PlayStation 5 users and vice versa. Do note that crossplay is enabled only for game modes such as Fantasy Draft, Online Career, and Versus Modes.

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