Eternity Cache Not Working in Last Epoch? Here’s How You Can Fix It!


Eternity Cache Not Working in Last Epoch? Here’s How You Can Fix It!

Surya Kumar
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The Eternity Cache is a system that allows you to obtain a Legendary item with rare modifiers upon combining a Unique and an Exalted Item.
Some players have unfortunately run into issues where the cache destroys their item or simply does not work as intended.

Last Epoch features a variety of mechanics to offer a comprehensive ARPG experience to its players. The game includes complex systems such as Runes, Glyphs, Experimental Affixes, and more, to enhance the quality of the diverse array of items it contains. A prime example is the Eternity Cache, which becomes accessible after conquering the Temporal Sanctum dungeon. This cache enables you to craft Legendary items by combining a Unique item with Legendary Potential and an Exalted Item with four affixes.

However, this exciting process has unfortunately led some players to lose their Unique or Exalted Items during the fusing process. Others have encountered issues with the Eternity Cache not functioning properly. Without further delay, let's explore all the potential steps to resolve this frustrating issue.

Here’s How You Can Fix the Eternity Cache Not Working Issue in Last Epoch

During Last Epoch's early-access phase on Steam, there were reports of players being unable to forge items in the Eternity Cache. This issue could arise if you accidentally left your items in the cache and retrieved them later (in subsequent dungeon runs), without changing your Timeline.

eternity cache room

According to a developer from Eleventh Hour Games, this appears to be an intentional design. If you're not familiar with the Eternity Cache's functions, it's important to know that the Temporal Sanctum dungeon can shift between the Divine and the Ruined Eras in the game, corresponding to the past and future, respectively. After placing your items in the cache while in the Divine Era, you must use the dungeon's ability to travel to the Ruined Era, where a powerful Legendary item will be granted to you.

eternity cache sealing

However, if you're unaware of this time-travel system and attempt a second (higher-tier) dungeon run, the items you placed during your first attempt will be considered used, and the Eternity Cache will close in vain. Therefore, it's crucial for new players to understand this mechanic to effectively craft a Legendary Item.

If your deposited item is completely missing from the cache, it may be due to a recent glitch that affected numerous items in the game following the release of Update 1.0. Some players are reportedly using a Duplication Exploit to forge elusive Uniques and other end-game items relatively early. However, using this exploit is risky, as your items could be destroyed in the process. If you're still experiencing issues with the Eternity Cache, be sure to submit a ticket to Last Epoch's official support team.

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