All Pokemon That Evolve by Trade in Pokemon Go

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All Pokemon That Evolve by Trade in Pokemon Go


Evolving Pokemon by trading is a new method that was introduced in 2020 to Pokemon Go.
It is a process that requires you to be in close proximity with the friend you want to trade Pokemon with me.
In this article, we’ll share all the Pokemon that evolve by trade in Pokemon Go and the process to evolve Pokemon through trade.

There are various ways in which a trainer can evolve their Pokemon. With the introduction of trade evolutions, feeding Candy to Pokemon is not the only way to do so anymore. This method was introduced in 2020 in Pokemon Go and is quite different from the role playing shenanigans that the mainlines follow. Initially, however, this was first introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue, and is only specific to a few Pokemon. 

Trade evolutions allow players to quickly evolve specific Pokemon by trading them with friends. It’s a great way to fill out one's Pokedex and add some extra difficulty to the game that we all love.

In this article, we’ll take a look at all the Pokemon that evolve by trading. 

Pokemon Go: Pokemon Evolving Through Trade

Here is a list of Pokemon that evolve through trade:

What is the Benefit of Evolving Pokemon by Trading?

The beauty of using trade revolution for evolving Pokemon lies in its cost-saving nature. By trading, you will be able to save Candy, and use it on Pokemon that do not evolve through trading. While you save Candy for Pokemon that require a hefty amount of Candy for evolving, there is still a cost associated with trading. This is the cost of Stardust. 

The cost of Stardust will depend on the type of Pokemon you want to evolve and its rarity. Another important factor is your level of friendship with it. However, it is still a cost-effective, smooth method that you can use to evolve your Pokemon by trading. 

How to Evolve Pokemon Go by Trading?

There are a few pre-requisites you need to fulfill in order to initiate a trade evolution. They are as follows:

  • You need a friend.

  • Both must be at least level 10 in Pokemon Go

  • To initiate a trade, you must be within 100 meters of each other. Unfortunately, remote trading is not yet supported in the game. 

If you check out all the boxes in these pre-requisites, then follow the given steps to initiate a trade evolution:

  1. Navigate to your friends feed. 

  2. Select a friend you want to establish a trade evolution with.

  3. Click on the ‘Trade’ option and prompt your friend to do the same. 

  4. Make sure you are in close proximity. 

  5. Select the Pokemon you wish to trade and confirm it. 

This is an irreversible process, so be careful with the Pokemon you choose. 

And this is how you can evolve your Pokemon by trading it with your friends.

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