How Do You Finish the Advanced SBC in EA Sports FC 24?


How Do You Finish the Advanced SBC in EA Sports FC 24?

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Completing the Advanced SBC in EA FC 24 requires you to meet six different criteria.
Upon successful completion, players will be offered a mega pack which will provide you with several rare items.

EA Sports FC 24 offers players a variety of game modes such as Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and Weekend Leagues, as part of Ultimate Team (UT). One crucial aspect of this game mode is the Squad Building Challenges (SBC) which tests your team-building skills in exchange for rewards such as special player cards, packs, kits, etc. This single-player game mode has been incorporated into UT and has quickly become popular among fans. As the name suggests, the Advanced SBC can be quite tricky to complete and can feel overwhelming. Let’s take a look at the requirements to complete it and the rewards that it offers.

Here Are the Requirements Needed to Complete the Advanced SBC in EA Sports FC 24

In order to complete the Advanced SBC, you will need the following:

  • Leagues: Exactly 3 leagues in the squad

  • Nationalities: Exactly 4 nations in the squad

  • Number of players from the same league: 5

  • Number of players from the same nation: 6

  • Minimum Team Rating: 76

  • Squad Chemistry Points: Minimum of 29

Best Solution for the Advanced SBC in EA Sports FC 24

Solving this SBC by using the cheapest players will require you to spend 6,100 points which is pretty cheap. Your squad will also exceed the minimum chemistry points needed by 3 points and have an overall team rating of 79. Here’s your squad:

  • Mylène Chavas (GK): 79 OVR

  • Robin Gosens (LWB): 79 OVR

  • Jonathan Tah (CB): 81 OVR

  • Sergi Maestre (CM): 64 OVR

  • Marius Wolf (RB): 78 OVR

  • Fidel Chaves (LM): 75 OVR

  • Claudia Pina (CAM): 83 OVR

  • Yannick Gerhardt (CM): 77 OVR

  • Claudia Zornoza (CM): 79 OVR

  • Eladio Zorrilla Jiménez (ST): 69 OVR

  • Sébastien Haller (ST): 83 OVR

This composition consists of several Spanish and German players with Chavas as the Goal Keeper and Haller taking the role of the striker. Although this list seems to contain balanced overall ratings between most teammates, there is a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to Elady and Maestre who are covering as the right midfielder and the centreback. 

The most expensive players from this list are Haller and Claudia Pina costing about 900 coins each with Chavas and Tah following right after them, costing 600 coins each. They are really solid players who all undertake crucial roles with this line-up.

Do note that this squad was developed with data provided by EasySBC.

Rewards for Finishing the Advanced SBC in EA FC 24

Players who complete the Advanced SBC will be awarded a Mega Pack which will offer 30 items out of which 18 will be of the rare variety. The average value of this pack is around 13,000 Coins which makes this SBC worth completing, as you only spend less than half the amount to build a squad.

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