What is SBC in EA FC 24?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is all you need to know about SBC in EA FC 24 and how to utilize it best.&nbsp;</p></div>
Here is all you need to know about SBC in EA FC 24 and how to utilize it best.&nbsp;


SBC is also known as Squad Building Challenges in EA FC 24.
Players can complete SBCs to earn rewards.
Here is all you need to know about SBC in EA FC 24 and how to utilize it best.

SBC, or Squad Building Challenges are a feature on Ultimate Team in EA FC 24 that lets players submit completed challenges and earn rewards. SBCs first debuted in FIFA 17 with fans quickly figuring that they were beneficial towards their Ultimate Team. Players can access and complete starter Squad Building Challenges once EA FC 24 debuts in a few days. Here is all you need to know about SBC in EA FC 24 and how to utilize it best. 

What is SBC in EA FC 24?

SBCs, or Squad Building Challenges is a playing mode that contains a series of challenges to test your squad building skills in exchange for rewards. The single-player mode can be found within Ultimate Team. Players can complete the challenges and earn rewards like packs, special cards and even kits.

How to complete an SBC in EA FC 24

Squad Building Challenges range in difficulty. Some can be fairly simple to do, and most players in the game will be able to complete them, however the better the reward, the harder the SBC is to complete. The Squad Building Challenges game mode allows players to use cards they don’t need or leave rotting in their clubs. You have a wide selection of dynamic scenarios to complete, which are grouped into a few categories, like Basic, Advanced, Upgrades, Live, Leagues, Marquee Matchups, POTM, Icons, Flashbacks or Player Moments.  

Foundation Challenges

Foundation Challenges (former Basic Challenges) were designed to teach beginners how to submit SBCs. They are always available from the first day.

Advanced Challenges 

Advanced Challenges were designed especially for those who want to master SBCs. By completing them, you will discover a few tricks to help you submit the most complex challenges.

Upgrade Challenges

Upgrade Challenges were designed to let you reach the next level, submitting the players you don’t want and receiving others from higher qualities. They are typically based on quality upgrades (gold, silver, and bronze) and league upgrades (Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and Champions League). The first ones are always available from the first day, while the others are only available for a few days at specific times.

League Challenges

League Challenges were designed to complete a challenge for each club of a specific league or continental competition. They are available at specific times from September to August.

Live Challenges

Live Challenges are special time-limited release Challenges Groups that will not have a regular release schedule and end after a set period. These could be tied to campaigns or real-world events in the game during the Season.

The first SBCs on your checklist should be those in the Basic category. These challenges are tailor-made to ease you into completing various tasks and provide a range of generous pack rewards that can be sold, used for additional SBCs, or added to your squad. Most of these early challenges require little effort and can often be completed with the players you’ve already acquired.  Here are the different steps you need to do to earn those unique rewards in Squad Building Challenges:

Check the Requirements

When starting to build a Squad in SBC, you will see a list of requirements on the right side of the screen. These are the requirements you need to meet to earn the rewards.

Create a Squad

The pool of players you will choose from will be cards in your club. If needed, you can also go to the Transfer Market. It is recommended to use unwanted cards in SBCs. Double-check your squad to see if all the requirements are met. Substitutes, reserves, and managers are not taken into account.

Submit your Squad and Earn Rewards

When you are sure all requirements have been met, you can submit your squad and earn special rewards. You receive the rewards as soon as you submit an individual challenge or complete a group of challenges.

How to enter SBC mode in EA FC 24?

On your main Ultimate Team screen (home), a button, ‘Squad Building Challenges’, redirects you directly to the SBC main screen. You can use your console, PC, or the Web/Companion App to complete challenges and earn in-game rewards.

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