How to Complete the Puzzle Master SBC in EA Sports FC 24?


How to Complete the Puzzle Master SBC in EA Sports FC 24?

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The Puzzle Master SBC in EA Sports FC 2 requires you to exchange a squad with six nations and five leagues.
The average cost of completing this SBC is around 5500 to 6500 FUT coins.
You will be granted One Untradeable Rare Player Pack as a reward for completing this SBC.

EA Sports FC 24 presents a lot of challenges and objectives that will grant you several rewards upon completion. Ever since the game went live on 22nd September, players have been eagerly completing these Squad Building Challenge (SBC) objectives to regularly earn various player cards and other in-game items. One such SBC is the Puzzle Master which is almost the final challenge that is part of the Foundations. Let’s dive right in and take a look at all the requirements, coins needed, and the rewards you can gain for completing the Puzzle Master SBC.

Puzzle Master SBC Requirements in EA Sports FC 24

Considering the fact that this SBC is a solo task, the requirements are quite lenient. The only major prerequisite is that you will need players from various nations and leagues. Here’s what you will need to fulfill:

  • League: Exactly 5

  • Nationalities: Exactly 6

  • Same Club Count: Max of 2 players

  • Minimum Squad Rating: 80

  • Minimum Squad Chemistry Points: 20

  • Number of players in a squad: 11

EA Sports FC 24 Puzzle Master SBC: How to Complete and How Much Does It Cost?

This particular Squad Building Challenge will require a minimum of 5,500 coins and a maximum of 6,500 coins. The price range is mainly due to the number of fooder cards you can purchase from the Ultimate Team market. Although these requirements can be met by a variety of cards, you have to remember that you need to select players from one nation but belonging to different leagues.

To solve this SBC, select two primary leagues consisting of a lot of gold players. You can build chemistry using national and club links and then buff the overall team rating by bringing in players from alternate leagues. 

You can also increase your fodder by grinding through other game modes such as Squad Battles and Division Rivals or Playoffs. You will increase your chances of receiving better weekly cards which will come in handy for such challenges.

Here is one such solution that you can use to solve this SBC:

Is It Worth It to Complete the Puzzle Master SBC in EA FC 24?

 As we have mentioned above, the cost to complete this particular SBC is quite low, considering you can choose several fodders from the Ultimate Team market. You will earn one Rare and Untradeable Player Pack which is supposedly equal to 50,000 coins. Finishing this SBC will also take you one step closer to finishing the League and Nation Hybrid SBC, which will reward you with a Rare Mega Pack. 

That is pretty much all you need to know about the Puzzle Master SBC in EA Sports FC 24. The game is available on an array of platforms such as the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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