Here’s How You Can Perform a Low Cross in EA Sports FC 24


Here’s How You Can Perform a Low Cross in EA Sports FC 24

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A Low Cross is a type of crossing where a winger from the flank, passes the ball forward inside the box, creating potent opportunities for strikers.
You can also attempt to perform the Lower Driven Cross until you get the hang of a Low Cross.

EA Sports FC 24 has brought in a ton of new features and overhauls to differentiate itself from previous entries in the franchise. Apart from upgrades to the Frostbite engine to increase graphical fidelity, the game also has improved Hyper Motion V technology to accurately depict player movement in sync with their real-life counterparts. All of this coupled with the new PlayStyle feature means players can perform several maneuvers in the game. One such is the Low Cross which relies on the wingers to successfully execute it. Let’s dive right in and take a look at how to perform this move.

What Is a Low Cross and How Does It Work?

A Low Cross is a type of crossing in EA FC 24 where the player who is on the flanks, shoots and passes a ball inside the box so that the Strikers can perform a finishing move to score the goal. This comes in handy when you need to crack open your enemy team’s defense and quickly score goals. Over the last few entries, this has slowly become the most efficient way to create opportunities for your strikers inside the box.

How to Perform a Low Cross in EA Sports FC 24?

With this year’s installment, it has become more easy and intuitive to perform a Low Cross. There is usually no bad time to use this technique as you can easily catch players off guard by swinging from the touchline or from the six-yard box. If this ball successfully goes through, the chances of scoring a goal with a potent striker are not too far off.

In order to perform the Low Cross, players need to double-tap the square button if they are on PlayStation and double-tap the X button on Xbox. Make sure you have enough power before pressing the button for a second time, which confirms your shot speed and accuracy.

How to Execute a Lower Driven Cross in EA Sports FC 24?

If you can't quite get the hand of the Low Cross, you can attempt to learn the Lower Driven Cross until you figure out how to manage the power of a Low Cross. In order to execute this you need to press R1 + L1 + Square for PlayStation and LB + RB + X for Xbox.

You will have to practice proper timing as controlling a Lower Driven Cross can become pretty challenging, especially if you are planning to get the ball past a busy penalty area filled with defenders. The main difference is that with this maneuver, the ball moves at a slightly elevated angle due to receiving more power right from the onset.

That is pretty much all you need to know about performing a Low cross and a Lower Driven Cross in EA Sports FC 24. The game is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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