Here is how to fix ‘failed to load friends list’ in Diablo 4. 


How To Fix ‘Failed To Load Friends List’ In Diablo 4

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Diablo 4 players can run into a myriad of bugs while trying to play the game.
One such error you can run into reads 'Failed to load friends list'.
Here is how to fix ‘failed to load friends list’ in Diablo 4. 

Diablo 4 is a live service game which can run into errors like failing to load friends lists. Though the game is optimized for PC and consoles, you may occasionally run into bugs or errors. The developers usually try to put out fixes for these bugs, updating players through their Customer Support handle. However, some bugs may persist. Let’s look at how to fix ‘failed to load friends list’ in Diablo 4. 

Failed to load friends list error fix for Diablo 4

Some players have reported running into an error message when they try joining multiplayer lobbies or adding friends, especially when engaging in crossplay. Diablo 4 may fail to load friends list due to connectivity issues, or version discrepancies. Here are some possible fixes for Failed to load friends list error fix in Diablo 4.

  • Try and add friends through the client: Open the ‘Social’ tab on your client, and select the ‘Add Friend’ option. Add your friend using their tags and ask them to accept your request. You can now invite them to your party through the client. 

  • Ask your friend to invite you: You can join their party instead. 

  • Clan friend request: If you are already in a clan with your friend, try inviting them through the clan. You can create a clan through the ‘Clan’ tab in the main menu. Create your clan and a tag and then accept join requests. After accepting friend requests, you can see your added friends in the ‘Roster’ tab on the ‘Clan’ option, select their name from the Roster menu.

  • Update Diablo IV: One possible reason your friend list is failing to load in Diablo 4 or the client is if your version of the game is out of date. Go to the client and select ‘Settings’. Click on ‘Update’ and ‘Apply latest updates and download future patch data for recently played games’ and enable it. 

  • Repair Diablo IV Files: Try and repair your game files by verifying file integrity in the client. Click on Scan and Repair, the client will automatically re-download any corrupted files. 

  • Check the Internet Connection: Make sure your router is suffering from network connectivity issues. You may want to restart your Wi-Fi router or check if Diablo 4 servers are down

If you continue encountering this error despite following these steps, you can raise a ticket with Blizzard support. Navigate to the Blizzard support page by clicking here.

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