Tyler1 ‘You Have No Mana’ Meme in League of Legends Explained

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The “you have no mana” is an inside joke in the League of Legends community that even Riot Games has embraced.
It stemmed from a high-tension Solo Queue match between Tyler1 and Rioter Phreak in 2016 when Tyler1 was banned indefinitely for his toxic behavior.
Here’s all you need to know about the joke.

Running out of mana while playing League of Legends is not an uncommon sight. As you spam your spells mindlessly, or if you’re a Yuumi player that smashes the keys, it will eventually happen to you. But have you ever wondered why the League of Legends community spams “You have no mana” coupled with the Twitch Big Brother emote while watching broadcasts – be it official ones or their favorite streamers? It is an inside joke that stemmed from North American (NA) Solo Queue’s most versatile player Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp and Rioter David "Phreak" Turley, a League of Legends caster. 

To understand the “You have no mana” joke, let us quickly look at what happened to Tyler1 in 2016 and how Phreak found himself tangled in this situation.

Tyler1’s ban and Phreak’s comments on Tyler1

In 2016, Tyler1 was banned indefinitely from League of Legends and made numerous enemies at Riot Games as he created more than 20 accounts to bypass his ban. After realizing that it would not work, Tyler1 took time off League of Legends, played various games on stream, connected with his audience, and worked towards reformation. 

After showing signs of improvement and after getting “reformed”, Tyler1 was unbanned in 2018 and immediately became one of the biggest members of the community. Some even regard him as the face of League of Legends, this time thanks to his positive attitude. 

However, prior to his ban, Phreak and Tyler1 were matched onto a team together while both of them were streaming. While Phreak’s champion choice did not impress Tyler1, the hot-head streamer decided to “int” (intentionally feed) the game. Following this, Phreak threatened to ban Tyler’s account. Thankfully, another player on the team dodged the game.

A few months later, when Tyler1 got banned for his behavior, Phreak talked about Tyler1 on stream and answered a question about the Draven one-trick. He commented, “I’m sad that, like, someone that vile is making so much money off the game now. It goes to show that there’s basically no such thing as bad publicity. I mean, there does exist to some extent but like.. He’s a nobody and people are like ‘Look how toxic this guy is,’ and now he is an insanely popular streamer making boatloads of money off of donations and subs and whatnot. His only marketable skill is being an ass***? Great!"

Phreak then proceeded to add that Tyler1 was not “that much of a personality” and that he has always been a rager on stream even before he got famous.

To this, Tyler’s response was a simple “hehe xd.” Following this, in November 2016, Tyler and Phreak ended up on opposing teams and both of them played attack-damage carries.

The infamous Tyler1 vs Phreak match and “You Have No Mana” phrase

Tyler1 was clearly excited to finally face off against Phreak and played aggressively against the Rioter from the get-go. It is safe to say that Phreak got steamrolled in the lane by Tyler1, in a very embarrassing fashion. Notably, Tyler1 played his signature Draven against Phreak’s Caitlyn. Tyler1 also stated that he was grinding Solo Queue off-stream and that he started recording only when he saw Phreak on the opposing team. 

Around 4:30 minutes into the game, Tyler1 and his support Janna ran straight at Phreak, who had a spell shield from his support Morgana. At this point, Tyler1 realized that Phreak had exhausted his mana and only had 80 HP and 28 mana. Tyler1 said, “She has no mana. No mana! You have no mana, bi***! You have no mana! Get the f*** out of here,” screamed Tyler1, as he killed Phreak. Tyler1 then told, “Go back to the casters' desk. What are you doing? Playing AD carry in my game? Should’ve dodged.

Since then, the League of Legends community has had a habit of spamming “you have no mana” along with the Big Brother Twitch emote that bears resemblance to Tyler1, recalling this iconic moment.

Riot Games even embraced the “you have no mana” joke in its “Paths to Victory: Fastest Nasus” video that it released in 2017. The commentator in the video said, “You don’t wanna run out of mana like Phreak’s Caitlyn.

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