Sports Games on Loco: Top Streams to Tune Into

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Sports Games on Loco


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FIFA, NBA 2K and eFootball are the three biggest sports games to watch on Loco.
NBA 2K has an official channel for airing its esports content on Loco.
FIFA Ultimate Team is also very popular on Loco if you want to watch weekend league games or pack openings.

While we all love watching athletes competing in our favorite sports, video games allow us to live out our fantasies and experience what it feels like to be on the field digitally. If you love games like FIFA, NBA and Cricket, there are some great content creators out there who deliver quality content for you to watch on Loco. The homegrown livestreaming platform with over 55 million users lets you interact with your favorite streamers and you can also be part of their communities by completing Quests to let everyone know how big of a fan you are. If you are looking for recommendations for sports games to watch on Loco, here are our top picks.


FIFA is the quintessential soccer (association football) game and it has millions of fans all over the world. Unlike team-based esports titles, FIFA comes down purely to individual skill and every match feels different.

Many content creators delve into the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode, which features not just the regular weekend leagues but also exciting FUT pack openings which a lot of us enjoy watching. Some streamers also do pickup games with their viewers and it can be a lot of fun to go up against your favorite creators. 

Best FIFA streamers to watch on Loco

fg_mamou exclusively streams FIFA and is online almost every single day. If you want to watch high-skill gameplay from one of the best FIFA players on Loco, you should check out his channel.

JackDaniel07 is a variety streamer who delves into games like Clash of Clans, and GTA in addition to his frequent FIFA streams. He opens FUT packs on streams, plays FUT Weekend Leagues and plays the game’s online multiplayer modes.


A lot of us grew up playing basketball at school but the sport does not get the same level of exposure as cricket, football or hockey in India. If you are an avid basketball fan and are craving content, you should check out Loco’s NBA 2K streams. 

Best NBA 2K streamers to watch on Loco

Did you know the official NBA 2K Esports channel is available on Loco? You can watch all of your favorite NBA 2K League matches on the livestreaming platform. You can tune in every single week and catch up on all of the latest esports action. 


If esports is not your thing, you can check out Drogo_yt who is a variety content streamer. He delves into all kinds of games including NBA, Valorant, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and more).


eFootball was previously known as Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) in the past and it is one of the biggest competitors to FIFA. The gameplay is similar to FIFA and it has unique game modes. Just like FIFA’s FUT mode, players get to create Dream Teams in eFootball and content creators on Loco go up against other players who 

Best eFootball streamers to watch on Loco

SNEAAAAKY is your go-to streamer for eFootball content on Loco. He is one of the most consistent streamers in the category and he also delves into other games like Clash of Clans and Ludo King as well. 

If you can’t go outside to play your favorite sports in this sweltering summer heat, stay indoors and watch your favorite content creators stream on Loco. With a community of over 55 million users, you will find feel right at home at any of the top channels on the platform.

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