Loco Kicks Off Third Anniversary Celebrations With New Features and Content

Abhimannu Das
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Loco Level 3


Loco is launching a new Quest feature as part of its third anniversary which will be rolled out to all users soon.
It is also hosting a week-long Loco Level 3 campaign featuring product releases and new content.
The platform has managed to accumulate over 55 million users since its launch.

Loco is launching its #LocoLevel3 campaign as part of its third anniversary. The platform will be hosting product releases and new content as part of the anniversary celebrations. These include new fan quests, an interactive confetti feature, fan-requested sticker packs, triple rewards on the platform, and more for its 55 million users.

Loco is celebrating its success and wants to continue to grow

According to data from Sensortower, during the last year, Loco achieved a 65% market share (by daily active users) in the game streaming sector. It coupled high market share with industry-leading engagement levels, and saw users spending upwards of 50 minutes a day watching live content on the platform.

Loco will roll out a new ‘Quest’ feature later this week that makes a user’s journey more interactive. ‘Quests’ will serve as an educational tool for new users and become a loyalty club for power users. The feature will be customized over time for every individual content creator so that they can run loyalty programs for their own audiences in the way they see fit. This can begin with better recognition in streams with badges for 'Fan', 'Top Fan', or 'Super Fan', and result in users getting custom meet and greet, personalized shoutouts, and customized merchandise. 

The feature will enable super fans to enhance their fandom and get rewarded by their favorite streamer. From the streamer's perspective, it now provides a new way of managing and growing their communities. This feature is not available on any other platform in the market and underlines Loco’s commitment to improving interactivity and turbocharging the fan experience.

Loco founders Anirudh Pandita and Ashwin Suresh said in an official press release, “Three years we have seen gaming emerge from a niche hobby to a mainstream passion and Loco has played an integral part in that evolution. Quests is the beginning of multiple features that we will be releasing over the next 12 months to increase the interactivity inside the app and enhance the fan experience in a way that no other app does today.”

In addition to the new features, Loco will host a week-long series of live streams featuring creators with a combined following of over 5 million on the platform. There will also be a Mega Showdown event between Team ScoutOP and Team Eagle Gaming OP who will go up against each other in Valorant.

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