The first episode of Loco's The MVP featuring Tanmay “Scout” Singh and his mother Sasmita Singh has left the audience wanting more.


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Loco’s The MVP: Scout & His Mother Catch Up Over FIFA & What’s In the Box

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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It has been really exciting to see Indian society slowly warm up to the idea of gaming and esports. Parents taking their kids to LANs, and gaming events, and helping them set up their PCs has become a common sight. Loco has been spearheading campaigns to change the perception of the Indian gaming and esports industry and its latest show “The MVP” is one such exciting and captivating venture. Each episode of The MVP will feature an Indian gaming personality and their mother in an all-new, exciting game show. The first episode featuring Tanmay “Scout” Singh and his mother Sasmita Singh was released on 4th December and has left the audience wanting more. 

Scout’s mother gave us some rather interesting stories about our beloved streamer and we saw both the MVPs challenge each other in different rounds that placed them out of their comfort zones. She also expressed her delight at discovering the career prospects in esports and gaming, and how proud she is of Scout for pursuing his passion.

To those of you unaware of what The MVP is, it is a show that will place both the gaming personalities and their mothers in each other's shoes, in what is essentially going to be a fun reversal of roles. While the mothers try their hand at gaming, the gamers will have a taste of what their mothers do as part of their routine.

Scout was a cheeky negotiator

At the start of the episode, Sasmita Singh talked about how Scout managed his time gaming and studying. She also revealed that he was really good at studies and that he was also into football. She reminisced about how Scout used to negotiate his gaming time, promising her that he would score a 10/10 on the test if he got to play games for two hours. Scout said, “I’ve been a gamer since my childhood. Obviously, gaming was more important.” Scout also sneakily juked his mother, teacher, and friends to go for football practice during exam time.

Scout vs Sasmita Singh

Game on: Scout & Scout’s MVP play FIFA 

The first segment of The MVP featuring Scout and Scout’s mother Sasmita Singh was the gaming segment called “Game On.” Scout taught her how to use the controller and how to pass the football, change players, and take shots. It was fascinating to see Scout’s mother pick up the game so quickly. However, the friendly banter soon began. When she asked, “How do y’all play all this?,” Scout said, “Yeah, this is gaming. Everyone thinks gaming is easy.

Sasmita Singh then acknowledged that it is indeed difficult to play with concentration, keep the audience engaged on stream, and also be entertaining. Scout encouraged her saying, “It’s like when you’re cooking. You know what to do next, right?” Scout’s mom said, “This is a good game. If I play more often and you teach me, then even I will enjoy it.

Game On was a comfortable win for Scout and honestly, it was not a big surprise.

Scout’s mother takes a big “W” in the Parent Trap segment

It was a victory by a landslide for Sasmita Singh in the “Guess What’s in the Box” round in the Parent Trap segment. One could tell that Scout’s mother was really enjoying watching her blindfolded son guess every day, household products placed inside the box. Scout calling sweet potato beetroot was hilarious and definitely the highlight of the segment. After Scout got almost every item wrong, Sasmita Singh won the segment.

The MVP with Scout and his “IRL MVP” Sasmita Singh was filled with cute, wholesome interactions, and mischievous anecdotes, and more importantly, gave a taste of each other’s lives. 

Scout thanked Loco for hosting a creative show like The MVP and stated that he rarely finds the time to spend time with his mother, let alone play games. He said, “I hope every gamer gets this chance because I don’t get it as often because work is overwhelming.” Concurring Sasmita Singh said, “I liked it a lot since it is because of them [Loco] I got a chance to sit with you, talk to you, and recollect some of your childhood memories.

She also proudly talked about how Scout proved to her that he could become just as successful through gaming. “I’ve come to realize the fact that there is a career in gaming.” She also appealed to the parents and asked them to encourage their kids’ gaming dreams and also remind them to focus on their studies. 

If you have not watched The MVP featuring Scout and his mother, you can watch it on Loco. If you enjoyed this fun-filled episode, you will be pleased to know that Loco has three more episodes planned for you that will drop very soon.

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