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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Loco is taking this viewer experience to the next level with its latest feature called ‘Quest’.</p></div>
Loco is taking this viewer experience to the next level with its latest feature called ‘Quest’.


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Loco is taking this viewer experience to the next level with its latest feature called ‘Quest’.
Here's all you need to know about it.

Popular Indian game streaming platform Loco recently celebrated its third anniversary by putting its viewers first. The platform launched its #LocoLevel3 campaign as part of the celebrations and geared up for product releases and new content. If you are someone who spends the majority of time on Loco, interacting with your favorite streamers, and tagging along their journey, there is some exciting news for you. 

Loco is taking this viewer experience to the next level with its latest feature called ‘Quest’. This new addition will treat users to an experience that is more interactive and entertaining, keeping up with the trend of providing viewers with cool content and exciting fan experiences.

As you embark on this new journey of Loco Quests, you will gain better recognition for your dedication to your favorite streamers and you will be able to show it off using special badges (Fan, Top Fan, or Super Fan). You will get an opportunity to be a part of meets and greets, personalized shoutouts, and also get your hands on customized merchandise. 

The Quest feature on Loco is all about bringing together you and your favorite streamers as Loco is keen on prioritizing communities first and helping everyone involved enjoy gaming and other content. No other platform in the market has a similar feature and this is a testament to Loco’s commitment to improving interactivity and turbocharging every fan’s experience on the site.

Loco Quests and Badges on Loco

What better way to show that you are one of the top viewers on the channel than by showing off the rewards you have reaped? In the coming weeks, you will be able to log in to Loco, take on a bunch of different challenges via the Loco Quests, and gain recognition and reward from your favorite streamers. 

Currently, Loco Quests are being launched in phases and they offer diverse objectives for viewers to achieve, such as watching a streamer for a specified duration, sending a specific number of stickers on a streamer's channel, and more.

As viewers complete the Loco Quests, they will be rewarded with badges that showcase their achievements on a particular streamer's chat. The badges come in different levels, and viewers' names will be highlighted according to the level of badge they possess. 

This new feature by Loco aims to enhance the interaction between streamers and viewers by incentivizing viewers to watch for extended periods and participate actively in the chat. It not only rewards viewers for their loyalty but also provides an opportunity for streamers to interact with their audience and build a community around their channels.

What are the Loco Quests that are coming up?

Loco rolled out Quests badges for the first time on the streams of Parv “Soul Regaltos” Singh and Athul “Blind Rebel” Sherif in which fans took part to get the rewards and badges.

The Loco Quests for Soul Regaltos and Blind Rebel were:

Fan Quest: 

  • Watch 30 minutes of Soul Regaltos or Blind Rebel’s livestreams in a day.

  • Send five stickers on the streams of Soul Regaltos or Blind Rebel in a day.

Top Fan Quest

  • Watch 200 minutes of Regaltos or Blind Rebel’s live streams in a week.

  • Send 25 stickers on either one of their livestreams in a week.

Super Fan Quest: 

  • Watch 500 minutes of livestreams of either Soul Regaltos or Blind Rebel in a week.

  • Send 50 stickers on either one of their livestreams in a week.

Rewards for the Loco Quests

According to the quest that you complete on the streamers' channel, you will be rewarded with a Fan, Top Fan, or Super Fan badge. Apart from that, you will also be considered for an exclusive and customized merchandise giveaway. Loco will be recognizing Super Fans and they may have a chance to win exclusive merch from the streamers. Additionally, they might also be given the chance to attend a meet and greet with their favorite streamers. 

The best part about the bountiful Loco Quests is that it is not over yet. If you are keen on participating in more quests on Loco, keep your eyes peeled for more objectives and rewards coming your way in Phase 2.

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