Loco is making great strides in the ecosystem by giving a platform to streamers across the country beyond language barriers.


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Feels like Home: Bask in the Comfort As You Watch these Regional Streamers on Loco

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The Made in India, esports and live game streaming platform Loco is home to some of the biggest streamers in South Asia. Thanks to its passionate streamers and their dedicated fan bases, Loco has gotten a lot of recognition in the esports and live streaming ecosystem, one that was predominantly associated with Twitch or YouTube in the past. Loco has always been vocal about supporting and nurturing its streamers and is keen on raising the bar of esports and gaming entertainment in India.

Being a successful homegrown brand, Loco attracts an audience that is diverse but united by a love for gaming and esports. Loco is making great strides in the ecosystem by giving a platform to streamers across the country beyond language barriers to showcase their creativity and engage with their audience. Here are some of the biggest regional streamers on Loco.

Fan favorite streamers on Loco

There’s nothing more exciting than tuning into someone’s stream on Loco and finding that they put out content that is not only relatable but extremely entertaining. Some of the biggest streamers on Loco have built a brand for themselves by streaming in their regional languages and by incorporating local ideologies and pop culture references in their content.

Loco boasts a roster of streamers hailing from different parts of the country and they stream in different languages including Marathi, Telugu, and Kannada among others. Games like Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V), Fall Guys, Valorant, FIFA 2022, and Ludo have enabled fans and the streamer to have quality interactions. This combined with the advantage of streaming in regional languages has helped diversify the content on the platform.

Fall Guys, FIFA 22, Valorant

GTA 5’s Role Playing (RP) servers, created via mods, are some of the biggest attractions on Loco. These multiplayer mods allow players to join servers where the members can have an immersive experience. Loco’s Turf Wars boasts a staggering viewership with fans flocking in to watch their favorite streamers gang up and take on the world of GTA RP. Many GTA V streamers including Eagle Gaming, Blind Rebel, and DreamerOP have unique alter-egos that they portray on the streams.

One of the ways fans show their support to the streamers on Loco is by donating them Loco Gold. One can earn Loco Gold by daily tune-ins on the platform, by watching live streams, and by referring Loco to friends. Loco Gold is a virtual platform currency that can be used by fans to support and encourage streamers on the platform itself.

Notably, some of the top streamers with the most Loco Gold sent to them by fans on the platform also happen to be part of the GTA V Turf Wars IP where they roleplay the game online.

Eagle Gaming

Dilin Dinesan aka Eagle Gaming is one of the top favorites on Loco with almost 92 Million Gold received from fans and viewers. He won the “Rising Content Creator of the year 2021” award at the recently concluded Indian Gaming Awards. The streamer hails from Kerala and is affiliated with Blind Esports. Eagle Gaming is known for his enthralling GTA V RP streams and currently boasts a staggering 200K followers on Loco. He also has 24.08 Million views on the platform. He was one of the first few streamers to turn to GTA V when PUBG Mobile was banned, a turning point in his career that helped him keep his channel alive and growing. His fans love his embodiment of the character named “Vasu Annan” in the Turf Wars mode.

Eagle Gaming

Blind Rebel

Athul “Blind Rebel” Sherif is next on the list for the fan favorite streamers and also hails from the state of Kerala. As a GTA V streamer, Blind Rebel has received 45.51 Million Loco Gold, thanks to his viewers. Blind Rebel also plays GTA V with Eagle Gaming occasionally and is known in the community for his informative content. Athul currently has 114K followers on Loco and is a trendsetter. Those who want to tune into his streams will be delighted to hear that Blind Rebel streams almost every day where he roleplays through the character of “Sarak Danny.

Blind Rebel

Kaztro Gaming

Muhammed “Kaztro” Ramees is one of the biggest streamers from South India, specifically Kerala. He began his gaming journey with BGMI and quickly shifted to GTA V. Kaztro feels like he is one of the many people whose lives were completely changed for the better because of streaming. This enigmatic streamer has received 33.03 Million Loco Gold and has a fan following of 201K. Notably, the new story released on Loco’s Dream Karo Stream Karo IP featured the incredible journey of Kaztro Gaming and his rise to fame. In this episode, Kaztro revealed that he has the biggest gaming setup in Kerala which cost him around Rs 7 lakhs. “Mine is the first gaming PC in Kerala using RTX 3090,” said Kaztro.


We have yet another GTA V streamer that has received massive support from the audience on Loco. DreamerOP aka Sham Singh has racked up 18.47 Million Gold and constantly entertains a fan following of 129K with his in-game character of “Chandran”. DreamerOP streams on Loco every day and is a part of a clan called TVA along with Eagle Gaming and a few other GTA V streamers. The streamer currently has 9.21 Million views on Loco at the time of writing.


Men at Arms 

Atul “Men at Arms” Jayadev also goes by the alias of “TVA Marshal Menny” in his GTA V RP streams on Loco. Atul is also a big part of the Turf Wars on Loco alongside Eagle Gaming and Blind Rebel under the clan of TVA. He streams every day on the platform and has 2.78 Million views currently.

Men at Arms

Time and again, Loco and its array of streamers have proven and shown their commitment to bettering and growing the Indian esports and gaming scene. The GTA V RP streams and the Turf Wars IP are a testament to the fact that the creators and the platform are dedicated to pushing engaging regional content to the audience.

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