Muhammed Ramees aka Kaztro Gaming is one of the forerunners in the GTA V RolePlay section on Loco currently.


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Upwards & Onwards: Biggest Lessons From the Journey of Loco Streamer Kaztro

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The Indian gaming and esports scene coupled with the content creation aspect has been rapidly growing and evolving, paving the way for creators to carve a niche for themselves. A steady career out of gaming was a distant dream for many. But this is no longer the case in India with people slowly realizing the true merit of the industry and acknowledging the hard work and dedication behind it.

Loco’s Dream Karo Stream Karo series takes us on an up-close-and-personal journey with the streamers and allows us to see a side of them that is often hidden from plain sight. After delving into the lives of Sid Joshi and Snax Gaming, Loco’s next episode gave us an insight into the passion and dreams of Kaztro Gaming, one of the biggest content creators from Kerala, India.

Muhammed Ramees aka Kaztro Gaming rose to fame thanks to his unique editing, his engaging content, and his lively streams on Loco. He is one of the forerunners in the GTA V RolePlay section on the platform currently. He actively streams the Turf Wars game mode along with the rest of his KVA clan. This episode by Loco showed the humble beginnings of Ramees who has now grown to become one of the most influential personalities, dealing with challenges every step of the way to make it big in an industry he adores. Kaztro has loved playing video games growing up and he has been vocal about Loco’s perennial support that has helped him create a name for himself in the industry.

Things we learned from Kaztro

Hard Work Makes Dreams Come True

The story of Kaztro working hard for years to buy the bike of his dreams said a lot about his determination and his mindset. Ramees’ sister Riswana said, “He’s someone who will never lose or give up easily. Whatever is in his mind, with full concentration and hard work, he will achieve it. He has formed that mindset.” What started as a humble YouTube venture has now turned into a career path for Kaztro with millions of viewers looking up to him.

Turning things up a notch, Kaztro joined Blind esports to become more approachable in the industry. Kaztro talked about how having a gaming setup is a dream for countless teenagers and took pride in having realized this dream because of his channel.

Try, try! Till you succeed

From having a tech-related YouTube channel to making GTA V content, Kaztro has tried his hand at multiple new ventures without a second thought. One has to say his moves have paid off big time since he has found success in every aspect of his career. Kaztro stated that he started his YouTube journey with a tech channel, and moved on to creating money-making guides, which brought in views.

Kaztro also explained how he initially stayed away from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile and how he later made guides for the game. “At that time, I tried tips and tricks like 3-finger claw and 4-finger claw. So I thought why not do a hand cam video and uploaded a YouTube video. It clicked well and got many views.

Kaztro recalled how he used to edit videos while commuting to and from college and narrated his eventual entry into streaming and GTA V RolePlay. He made the most out of every opportunity he had. He designed a make-shift streaming setup at his college hostel by efficiently using his bunker bed. He had set up a green screen behind the lower bunk of the bed and added lights, and used his laptop to stream online.

Challenge your limits and make the most out of every opportunity

Kaztro was staying in a hostel to study a course about ethical hacking and networking. Ramees said he was finding it difficult to stream from the hostel without any resources. He recalled that the WiFi was feeble and that he had to subscribe to a separate plan to keep his streams alive. “I started interacting with people only after I started streaming,” Kaztro added.

Be the family’s pillar of support 

Kaztro’s parents and his grandmother expressed their happiness seeing Ramees achieve his dreams and support the family. His mother Suhara KP said, “He is achieving a lot of things through his gaming career and that gives me happiness. He brings things for everyone at home. We are happy when he gives us gifts.” She added that Kaztro bought them an air conditioner, a washing machine, and even helped build a compound wall and a gate for their home with his hard-earned money.

Kaztro’s Loco journey

Ramees joined Blind Esports at the start of 2021 to produce the best content and entertain the gaming community. Following this, Loco also signed Kaztro as a streamer on its platform and helped him experiment with different games and genres. He streamed games like BGMI and Pokemon Unite before finding a niche in GTA V. His GTA V RP stories where he portrays the character of Devin Carlo found the most success. Kaztro said that Loco helped him achieve his dreams and take his career to the next step in a short period, which otherwise would have taken one or two years. Kaztro’s Loco channel has 202K followers and has amassed 15.6 Million views.

If you are intrigued and inspired by Kaztro’s story and want to follow his journey closely, you can follow Kaztro Gaming exclusively on Loco.

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