French Challenger Streamer Plays Yuumi Challenge With Feet

French Challenger Streamer Plays Yuumi Challenge With Feet

Nutan Lele
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Want to play a game of League of Legends but don’t have anyone to duo with? This doesn’t seem to be an issue for players who are taking on the ‘Yuumi Challenge’. 

The Yuumi Challenge involves picking Yuumi and an ADC on two computers and accounts duoquing. There are several variations of this, with some players routing Yuumi's abilities, summoner spells and mouse controls to ASDF on the same keyboard. A year ago, popular YouTuber Vandiril took on the Yuumi Challenge, playing Jinx and Yuumi on two separate systems at the same time. However, French League of Legends Challenger player César "Wakz" Hugues took the Yuumi Challenge to the next level on his stream. 

Wakz does the Yuumi Challenge with a Twist

Wakz played bot lane by himself, controlling his ADC Lucian with his hands and support Yuumi with his feet. The streamer queued up for ranked games live on his stream with two accounts to play duo bot lane and even set up a feet cam to show that he's really the one playing Yuumi.

In the laning phase of the first game, Wakz was able to get ahead in terms of CS against his lane opponents and even killed the enemy ADC early game without any help from his team. Unfortunately, He lost the first game due to his mid laner’s performance. In his next game, he was able to get an unofficial Pentakill playing the same two champions.

“This live(stream) was super funny in real life. It's very difficult to manage two characters at the same time but it's doable, I hope you liked it anyway. I'll resume the climb on Monday with my feet." Wakz said on Twitter about the Yuumi Challenge.

Yuumi is widely considered a ‘no skill’ champion in the League of Legends community due to her low skill floor. Her mechanics do not involve a lot of skill shots and are fairly simple making the Yuumi Challenge easier to do compared to other champions. She usually attaches herself to other champions and dashes between allies, giving them heals and shields. While attached to another champion Yuumi is untargettable. However, due to the dependent nature of her kit, one of her biggest weaknesses is being caught out alone. A lone Yuumi doesn’t have any dedicated escape abilities, unlike other champions in League of Legends, making her a sitting duck for enemies. However, this doesn’t mean that Yuumi is truly a ‘no skill’ champion. A good Yuumi will strategize about which allies she attaches to at what time and maximize the use of her passives by dashing between allies. 

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