ZETA DIVISION Defeats Global Esports In VCT 2023 Pacific League


ZETA DIVISION Stages Thrilling Comeback to Defeat Global Esports in VCT Pacific

Aditya Singh Rawat
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ZETA DIVISION defeated Global Esports in its third match of the VCT 2023 Pacific League.
The best-of-three series went down to the wire, ZETA DIVISION facing an early blow but still managing to cross the finish line with a win.
ZETA DIVISION will be facing DetonatioN FocusMe next week whereas Global Esports will be going up against Talon Esports.

Global Esports (GE) went up against ZETA DIVISION in its third match of the VCT 2023: Pacific League, starting strong but failing to maintain their advantage which resulted in yet another loss for the South Asia representatives.

Following their strong performance against DRX, many believed that the team had enough in its tank to win today, but it seemed as if the pressure got to them with certain individuals on ZETA popping off and carrying their team to victory.

There were a few positives to take away as GE decided to step out with its all-international lineup once again. Here is a quick look at how the down to the wire series proceeded.

ZETA DIVISION completes a successful come back to defeat Global Esports in VCT 2023: Pacific League

The first game between the two sides took place on Pearl, GE's map pick where they showcased meticulous work on defense to string five rounds together before giving one away, ending the half with a 9-3 curse.

ZETA also put up a solid defense, winning four rounds in a row but GE bounced back in time to close out the map with a 13-9 scoreline, winning their map pick for the first time in this league.

  • Pearl - GE defeats ZETA with a 13-9 score.

Kim "t3xture" Na-ra was the MVP (Most Valuable Player) for Global Esports having achieved an ACS (Average Combat Score) of 293 on the back of 24 kills, 13 deaths, and 4 assists.32

The second game took place on Ascent, ZETA's map pick, where GE playing defense was able to secure an upper hand once again, finishing the first half with a two-round advantage. Unfortunately, their attack was not as polished which allowed ZETA to catch up and even overtake them to reach the map point first.

Somehow, GE managed to push the game into overtime but it was not enough as ZETA pulled successive rounds to close out the game with a 14-12 scoreline.

  • Ascent - ZETA defeats GE with a 14-12 score.

Yuuma "Dep" Hisamoto and Maruoka "crow" Tomoaki were the standout players for the team with ACS of 302 and 226 respectively. Both of them went hard to keep their team in the series, extending the match to the last map.

The third and final game was played on Haven, where GE was finally sent in to attack first and was handed a four-round deficit going onto the half. Not much changed for the side hereafter, ZETA playing really aggressively to pick more rounds and walk away with a 13-8 victory.

  • Haven - ZETA defeats GE with a 13-8 score.

Continuing his form from the last map, Dep was the ultimate difference maker with an incredible ACS of 390 which was baked by 29 kills, 12 deaths, and two assists, other members also stepping up considerably well to take them across the finish line and secure the series.

As has been the case in most encounters for Global Esports to date, the match came to an end with a 1-2 scoreline. This time they were able to claim an early advantage by winning their own map pick but failed to lock down the series, cracking under pressure and losing their fourth match on the international stage.

It will be interesting to see what composition of players does Global Esports intends to use in their upcoming matches with the availability of both Indian players, Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar and Abhirup "Lightningfast" Choudhury.

Global Esports will now be seen in action next week against Talon Esports on 17th April from 14:30 IST onwards.

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