Global Esports Players SkRossi and Lightningfast Finally Receive Their Passports

Finally, time for the fans to rejoice!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>SkRossi And Lightningfast Finally Receive Their Passports</p></div>
SkRossi And Lightningfast Finally Receive Their Passports
Members of Global Esports, SkRossi, Lightningfast, and Rushindra Sinha finally receive their passports after massive delays.
The three might possibly travel to South Korea and join the rest of the Global Esports lineup this week itself.
Global Esports is scheduled to take on ZETA DIVISION in its third match of the regular season on 9 April.

Two weeks into the VCT 2023: Pacific League, all visa and passport problems that Global Esports had faced with some of its Indian members may have finally been resolved, just days before the team's third regular season match against ZETA DIVISION on 9th April.

The trio of Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar, Abhirup "Lightningfast" Choudhury, and Rushindra "Salbatic" Sinha, have finally received their passports and could possibly join the remaining members of its team in South Korea this week itself.

This announcement was made by Rushindra earlier today, just a day after airing his concerns about the massive delays they have faced in receiving their documents.

SkRossi and Lightningfast can possibly join Global Esports lineup in South Korea this week

Fans of Global Esports were not happy with SkRossi being unable compete with the team in Seoul, South Korea against some of the best teams from across the Asia Pacific, due to serious delays in visa approval and passport handover.

After a long agonizing wait, the day has finally come as Rushindra, SkRossi, and Lightningfast have received their respective passports and although no plans have been announced about when the team might be flying out to South Korea, there is a possibility that they might join the rest of the lineup this week itself.

Global Esports will be facing ZETA DIVISION in its third match of the regular season this weekend on 9th April, Sunday from 14:30 IST onwards. So far, the team had been stepping out with a completely international lineup due to the unavailability of all its players.

However, with everyone assembled together, it will be interesting to see the playing five that Global Esports decides to step out with going forward.

SkRossi after receiving passport

The team will try to register its first international victory this week having lost consecutive matches to Vitality, T1, and DRX. This will be a huge confidence booster for the side going ahead, having now played with six of its seven players, Lightningfast being the only remaining member to make his debut.

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