League of Legends Star Guardian 2022 Event is up and running on the client and players can finish missions to earn tokens, bonds, and more rewards


Your Ultimate Guide for the Star Guardian 2022 Event: Missions, Bonds & More

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Star Guardian 2022 Event is now live on the servers and players can earn rewards by completing set missions.
The event has two tracks: Another Sky storyline and the Star Guardian Bonds.
This event is set to conclude on 15th August.

Riot Games has brought back the magical universe of Star Guardians yet again in Season 12 of League of Legends. The Star Guardian 2022 event is now live on the servers and there’s no doubt that the League of Legends community loves Star Guardians. So, Riot has treated the fans by releasing a new array of skins for different champions. For months now, players have been speculating which champions will be donning the Star Guardian costumes and how the event is going to be spread out in the game.

Though players were not treated to a PvE (player vs environment) mode along with the Star Guardian 2022 Event, Riot Games has pulled out all the stops and has come up with an expansive event similar to the Ruination event.

League of Legends Star Guardian 2022 event missions

In this event, players have the opportunity of playing two different mission tracks. One of these missions tracks is the Another Sky storyline and the other one is individual Star Guardian bonds.

Riot Games wrote, “A fierce heart plagued by doubt. New dangers from the dark stepping boldly into the light. Old foes who may not be what they seem. Another school year has brought no shortage of problems for the Star Guardians… And they haven't even started their homework!” as it introduced the Star Guardian 2022 event to the players.

According to Riot Games, “Players will progress through a compelling story of love and loss, forgiveness and friendship through the eyes of a brand new crew led by Akali and Kai’Sa.” At the same time, players will also increase their bonds with various Guardians and unlock new rewards and stories by completing in-game champion missions.

 Star Guardian Event 2022 featuring Star Guardian Kai'Sa in the teaser video

Star Guardian 2022 Event: Another Sky

The Another Sky story will serve as the visual novel part of the event and this time around, players will automatically play through the story without having to tab in. “All your progress will be tracked automatically without you having to opt-in, and all rewards will drop right into your inventory without requiring you to claim them all,” announced the company.

Players will progress through the story by earning Starlight to fight bosses and Starlight can be earned by playing League of Legends. Bonus Starlight can be earned by using Star Guardian champions and skins. Players can unlock up to 22 Starlight per game and after the threshold is met, you will unlock the next Act of the story along with the hefty rewards. There are four chapters in the Another Sky story and each chapter has three acts.

The following missions can be completed any number of times for the duration of the event.

With Chapter 1 of the visual novel already unlocked, the following are the dates on which the other three chapters will get unlocked.

  • Chapter 2: 21st July

  • Chapter 3: 28th July

  • Chapter 4: 4th August

Star Guardian bonds in Star Guardian 2022 Event

The Star Guardian bonds in this event allow players to learn more about a guardian - up close and personal! By navigating to the Guardian Stories section of the Another Sky page, you can see all the currently unlocked Star Guardians along with their Bond Levels. You will be able to click on the available champions and read their introduction story but if you want to learn more than that, you will have to forge a closer, stronger bond with that champion. It is also important to remember that these are stacking rewards.

Players can earn bonds by just playing the game. Bonuses can be earned by playing the champion you want to get closer to and by using the Star Guardian skin for your particular champion. You can earn up to 9 Bonds a game.

There are three levels in the Star Guardian bonds track of the mission. Level 1 unlocks after 5 bonds, Level 2 after 250 Bonds, and Level 3 after 500 Bonds.

League of Legends Star Guardian 2022 Event dates

The Star Guardian 2022 Event went live on the servers on 14th July. The event will run for exactly a month and shall conclude on 15th August. However, with more champions set to join the Star Guardian roster, this event is expected to continue all the way till September.

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