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xQc Responds to tyler1 Calling Him "Ben Simmons" of the Gaming Community

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Tyler1 and xQc exchanged some spicy words over a League of Legends clip of xQc playing Jhin ADC.
Tyler1 criticized xQc for not walking up and killing the Draven under the tower and sarcastically called him the Ben Simmons of the gaming community.
xQc watched tyler1 react to him and made it clear that he does not play League of Legends.

Tyler "tyler1" Steinkamp and Félix “xQc” Lengyel are some of the biggest streamers on Twitch and their streams are nothing short of entertainment. While tyler1 regularly plays League of Legends and grinds on stream every day, xQc branches into doing variety content and plays different games.

Recently, a clip of tyler1 commenting about xQc playing Jhin attack-damage carry (ADC) went viral and made its way to Reddit and Twitter. Tyler1 did not sugarcoat his words while criticizing the “questionable” plays made by xQc.

What happens in the clip?

xQc while playing Jhin tried to kill the enemy ADC, a Draven, who was low on health while tower-diving him along with his support Karma. Instead of just walking up to the Draven and killing him with his auto-attack, xQc walks out of tower range and channels the Jhin R - Curtain Call. In the end, the Draven earns two kills and comes out ahead in the failed tower-dive play.

Tyler1 sarcastically made several references to Brooklyn Nets player Ben Simmons, who did not play for the Nets in a crucial game against the Boston Celtics, after which the team was eliminated.

Reacting to this, tyler1 said, “Bro, walk up and auto, Ben Simmons. F**** Ben Simmons of the f**** gaming community, xQc. Good job, bro! Zero killer instinct… Just walk up and auto, you bum. What are you doing, xQsh***?” He added, “Holy f***, I am physically wincing at that play.”

xQc responds to tyler1

While scrolling through Reddit xQc came across and reacted to the tyler1 clip. He made it clear that he does not play League of Legends while saying that he does not play games that have these “top-down, birds’ eye-view” kind of gameplay. xQc added, “Oh dude, is that Jinx from Arcane? I don’t play f*** children’s games, b****.

xQc also commented on tyler1 traveling to Korea to grind Solo Queue in an attempt to reach Challenger tier while playing “fill role.” He said, “Literally who the f*** asked? Nobody asked him to go to Korea. People in Korea don’t want him, either. What the f*** is he talking about? Who is he talking to?

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