Tyler1 Is Flying to Korea for His Next Solo Queue Challenge

He will be auto-filling to Challenger!

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League of Legends streamer tyler1 announced that his next Solo Queue challenge is reaching Challenger tier on auto-fill.
He added that he would be doing this challenge on the Korean server alongside another streamer, Tarzaned.
The duo will be flying to Korea in late April.

It has been a little over two months since Tyler “tyler1” Steinkamp hit Challenger while playing the role of a support in the North American (NA) Solo Queue. Notably, with this achievement, tyler1 reached the Challenger tier in all five roles in League of Legends (LoL). Following this, tyler1 revealed that he shall be flying to South Korea for his next challenge where he will autofill his way to Challenger on the super-competitive Korean server.

It was two years ago in 2020 when tyler1 set out to reach Challenger by creating new accounts for every role to grind in ranked Solo Queue. On 19th February, tyler1 finished his “support challenge” and interestingly, this role was the shortest run for the LoL player and streamer. His achievement was lauded by the community and also Riot Games, which even sent him custom light-up Challenger emblems and medals.

Tyler1 reveals his next challenge

The 26-year-old streamer announced on a Twitch broadcast that he would be doing an auto-fill to Challenger run in Korea alongside streamer Julian “Tarzaned” Farokhian. He added that the duo would be flying to Korea in late April.

It shall be interesting to see which of the two streamers are the first to make it out of the lower ranks in the Korean ladder and then reach the higher tiers. Korea’s Solo Queue is often deemed as the most competitive server filled with mechanically good players and this might provide top-notch content for tyler1’s streams which are always entertaining.

Meanwhile, former Cloud9’s League of Legends head coach Nick “LS” De Cesare, who has lived in Korea for ten years now, opined that the streamer might not be able to achieve what he has set out to do.

He stated, “Tyler climbed by being smarter than NA players, while also having advantageous ping. On Korea, the problem is Silver and Gold players will have better mechanics than Tyler’s used to playing in his average games.

LS added that tyler1’s idea of doing the auto-fill might help him deal with some of the “basket-case” teammates in Korean Solo Queue.

Despite the level of competition and mechanics that the region offers, Korea has not been spared its Solo Queue woes. In March, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, star player and mid-laner of T1, voiced his frustrations about the state of the Korean Solo Queue and compared it to slot machines.

tyler1 and Faker at 2019 All Star event

According to tyler1, the easiest role to climb the ranked ladder in NA was support. He said that he was on auto-pilot for most of the games while playing support and reached Challenger in a relatively short span of time as opposed to the other roles. It will be interesting to see how the NA streamer adapts to the Korean ranked ladder and use his experience of playing all five roles efficiently.

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