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Worlds 2023 Play-In Stage: Teams, Schedule, Scores & More

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Worlds 2023 is finally here.
After the conclusion of the Worlds Qualifying Series on 9th October, the Play-In stage of the tournament kicked off on 10th October.

The World Championship of League of Legends aka Worlds 2023 is the conclusion of the League of Legends 2023 esports season. The tournament is being held in South Korea and this year, the tournament underwent major format changes compared to previous editions including the implementation of best-of-threes (BO3), a swiss-style stage, and more.

Worlds 2023 Play-in is the first stage of the tournament, following the inaugural Worlds Qualifier Series (WQS). The two winners of the best-of- fives (BO5s) advance to Stage 2, which is the Swiss Stage.

Here’s everything you need to know about Worlds 2023 Play-in which officially kicked off on 10th October.

A guide to Worlds 2023 Play-in Stage

Worlds 2023 Play-in is the first stage of Worlds 2023 and marks the conclusion of the 2023 League of Legends competitive season across all regions. A total of eight teams participate and only two teams will advance to the main event or the Swiss stage bracket.

With the announced format changes to Worlds earlier this year, all of the representatives from the China, Korea, EMEA, and North America (except the WQS winner) will now start in the Main Event.


  • A total of eight teams participate.

  • Teams are drawn into two double-elimination brackets. Draw Show occurred at the end of the LEC 2023 Season Finals on 10th September.

    • Matches are best-of-three (BO3)

  • The upper bracket winner of one group will face the lower bracket winner of the other group

    • Here, the matches are best-of-five (BO5)

  • Winners of the best-of-fives advance to Stage 2 (Swiss Stage)

Brackets for Play-In Stage

After defeating Golden Guardians (North America) with a 3-0 scoreline, EMEA squad Team BDS qualified for the Play-In stage of Worlds 2023. Team BDS took on Team Whales from Vietnam in Round 1 of the Bracket Stage.

LoL Worlds 2023 Play-In Stage schedule

All the times mentioned in the following table are in CEST and are subject to change, according to the official Riot Games broadcast.

Round 1

The Round 2 matches of Worlds 2023 Play-In stage will be updated as soon as Round 1 comes to a close on 14th October. Round 2 is scheduled to take place on 15th October, with the winners of the two BO5s moving onto the Swiss stage of the main event of Worlds 2023.

Play-In Round 2 (Qualifier to the Main Event)

Where to watch?

Fans can catch all the League of Legends action on the international stage via Riot Games’ official Twitch and YouTube channels.

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