Worlds 2022 Day 4 Recap: Orianna Bug Discovered, NA Goes 0-9 in Groups

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games disabled Orianna from Worlds 2022 until further notice after discovering a bug.
Rogue had a fantastic first round-robin run as it went 3-0 in Group C.
The LCS representatives are yet to pick up a win.

The last day of the first round robin of Worlds 2022 Group Stage was exciting to watch and had many high points. Going into the day, Riot Games announced that Orianna would be disabled until further notice at Worlds 2022 after it discovered a bug surrounding her ultimate and its visual effects (VFX). Teams surged in hoping to pick up wins before heading into the second round robin but things still would not go according to plan for the North American (NA) teams. On the flip side, as a glimmer of hope for the West, Rogue looked dominant in its group as it is actively challenging the Korean and Chinese giants.

Here are the results from Day 4 of Worlds 2022 Group Stage:

  • JD Gaming (JDG) defeated G2 Esports (G2)

  • Rogue (RGE) took down Top Esports (TES)

  • Damwon Kia (DK) won against Evil Geniuses (EG)

  • Royal Never Give Up (RNG) picked up a win against 100 Thieves (100T)

  • GEN.G (GEN) won against CTBC Flying Oyster (CFO)

  • DRX defeated GAM Esports (GAM)

North America’s nightmare start at Worlds 2022

Fans and analysts were surprised by the way Evil Geniuses showed up at the Play-in and sent home MAD Lions packing. However, the happiness and surprise were short-lived as 100 Thieves, EG, and Cloud9 have collectively gone 0-9 at Worlds 2022 without picking up a single win yet.

EG showed creativity in its draft against DK as it flexed Sejuani into the top lane. The early kills and objectives that it secured, helped EG stay proactive in the matchup. The pace of the game slowed down a bit and only got swift as DK approached its soul point. After securing it, the Korean team marched into EG’s base and closed out the game.

100 Thieves’ match against RNG was a stompfest. RNG picked up a kill before even the minions spawned and steamrolled through the game. The Chinese squad won team fights, stacked up on dragons, and secured the Baron Nashor twice before ending the game.

Meanwhile, the minor regions of Vietnam and the Pacific Championship Series (PCS) suffered losses at the hands of Korean teams. While CFO lost to GEN.G, GAM Esports was defeated by DRX.

Rogue’s EUphoria continues

Rogue is now sitting comfortably atop Group C standings with a 3-0 record after defeating Top Esports, DRX, and GAM. Against TES, Rogue once again locked in the meta pick of Maokai top and used it to its advantage. Notably, Rogue was facing a 2K gold deficit at 20 minutes but managed to come back. While the European squad was busy taking down the Baron at 26 minutes, TES knocked down the middle inhibitor tower and could not advance further. Following this, Rogue marched into TES’ base, killed a few members and smashed its nexus into smithereens.

Though Rogue is having a blast of a tournament, G2 Esports is facing a rocky one. After its defeat to JDG on Day 4 of Worlds 2022 Groups, the team now has a 1-2 score.

Worlds 2022 will go on a break and will resume action on 13th October for the second round-robin. Stay updated with the tournament by heading on to Worlds 2022 Group Stage: Teams, Groups, Schedule & More.

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