Riot Games announced Reward Capsules and Drops for League of Legends Worlds 2022.


Worlds 2022: All You Need to Know About Reward Capsules & Drops

Emotes, Icons and Exclusive Crystal Rose Chromas!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games announced Reward Capsules and Drops for League of Legends Worlds 2022.
The company is also joining hands with Tiffany & Co to give away in-game exclusives.

Drops and rewards are back for League of Legends Worlds 2022 and can be earned by viewers throughout the tournament. Viewers who have logged into the official LoL Esports website and are watching the live broadcast may have a chance to get a loot drop from Riot Games or one of its partners. The company has also partnered with Tiffany & Co. and is giving exclusive Worlds 2022 drops to fans, which cannot be purchased later from the store. These drops are apart from the Pick'Em and Crystal Ball rewards.

Worlds 2022 Rewards Capsule

The Worlds 2022 Rewards Capsule will help fans collect exclusive in-game flares and cosmetics throughout the two-month-long tournament. The Worlds 2022 Rewards Capsule is guaranteed to have one of the following:

  • Worlds 2022 icons and emotes

  • One esports capsule

  • One Hextech Chest with key

Notably, Riot Games stated that the capsules are designed this year in such a way that fans cannot get a duplicate. “Repeatable rewards like the 2022 Esports Capsules and Hextech Chests and Keys will, of course, be earnable multiple times even after receiving all the permanent items,” it added.

Additionally, Riot Games has made significant changes to the 2022 Esports Capsules. If a player receives a drop containing an icon or an in-game emote that they already possess, they can simply disenchant the duplicate into Orange Essense. However, the company has disabled re-rolls on the emotes for Worlds 2022 to keep the collecting fairer.

Know more about Worlds 2022 drops

Fans and players will be able to randomly earn a drop while watching matches and during specific moments of the tournament. But make sure to log in to the LoL Esports website using your Riot account.

Some of the examples of drop scenarios are as follows:

  • Riot always drops loot when there is a Pentakill (100% chance)

  • The company might drop loot when there is a triple or quadrakills (Partial chance)

  • Riot Games might also drop loot between games or during opening and closing ceremonies (Partial chance)

  • Expect a drop at the beginning of the first game of each stage (Play-In, Groups, etc)

However, fans and viewers must note that drops only occur during the live broadcast of Worlds 2022. One cannot receive drops from watching pre-recorded video on demands (VODs). Also, one must have been streaming the game at least five minutes before these moments to make sure that the drops are not missed.

Tiffany & Co. exclusives explained

Riot Games stated that it has partnered with Tiffany & Co. to give away exclusive Chromas for League of Legends’ Crystal Rose skins. The Chromas include:

  • Crystal Rose Swain (Tiffany & Co.)

  • Crystal Rose Zyra (Tiffany & Co.)

  • Crystal Rose Akshan (Tiffany & Co.)

Tiffany & Co. Crystal Rose Chromas

These Chromas will only be available through the Worlds 2022 drops and will not be up for sale during or after the event. Additionally, a ward skin featuring the newly imagined Summoner’s Cup will also be available through drops.

Fans will have the opportunity to receive the Tiffany & Co. exclusive cosmetics for League of Legends starting from the Group Stage of Worlds 2022.

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