The powerful duo of Mike Tyson showed up big time in the Sentinels vs The Guard NA LCQ series with stellar communication and teamwork.


Who Is Sentinels Mike Tyson?

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Sentinels played against The Guard in the first series of the NA LCQ and it also marked the comeback of veteran player Shroud.
The powerful duo of Mike Tyson showed up big time in the series with stellar communication and teamwork.

After enjoying a dominant run in the 2021 Valorant Season, Sentinels seems to have fallen from grace and is at the bottom side of affairs in 2022. The team failed to make the North American (NA) regional playoffs in both Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Stage One and Stage Two. Sentinels made it to the Last Chance Qualifier because of its circuit points.

At the start of July, the organization announced the return of veteran CS: GO player Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, sending the esports community into a frenzy. Shroud is now playing for the Sentinels Valorant squad in the Last Chance Qualifier. In the first game against The Guard, Sentinels fought tooth and nail but lost the series. However, the Mike Tyson combination pulled off some stellar plays for the team.

Sentinels Mike Tyson

The series between Sentinels and The Guard was intense with crazy flicks, one-taps, and innovative line-up plays. The decider map of the series was played on Icebox and the match brought all the viewers to the edge of their seats with Sentinels pushing it into Overtime. Throughout the series, fans noticed the plays made by the Mike Tyson combo. To those wondering who Mike Tyson in Sentinels is, it is the name given to the duo of Shroud (Michael aka Mike) and Tyson “TenZ” Ngo.

In Map 1 Breeze, Sentinels had a steady lead over The Guard with a round score of 4-2. In the seventh round, things looked optimistic for The Guard but the Mike Tyson duo rained on its parade. It was a man advantage in favor of The Guard who was on the defense side of the map.

Sentinels pushed into A site on Breeze despite Jacob “valyn” Batio’s Viper ultimate was already blocking out the main entrance. Valyn successfully took down two Sentinels players before going down himself. However, Shroud and Michael “dapr” Gulino walked through A Halls and opened the door. But a vigilant Ha “Sayaplayer” Jung-woo got the frag on to dapr. However, both Shroud and TenZ managed to pick up kills on Jett and Viper, respectively. Following this, Shroud also picked off The Guard’s KAY/O while he was running away from A Halls, turning it into a 2v2 scenario.

TenZ played the post-plant from A Cave and used the operator to secure the kill on Michael “neT” Bernet, and immediately rotated over to A Doors. Meanwhile, Shroud moved over to A Shop but was taken down by Trent “trent” Cairns. However, TenZ was in the right position to secure the final kill and win the round for his team.

According to the statistics from, the Mike Tyson duo had a combined KDA of 99/120/32. With the Last Chance Qualifier being the most important tournament out there for the teams, fans can expect the Mike Tyson combination to make some more exciting plays in the upcoming series. However, following this defeat at the hands of The Guard, Sentinels has been pushed to the lower bracket.

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