Valorant Episode 5 Act Two will begin on 24th August


All You Need to Know About Valorant Episode 5: Act Two

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Valorant Episode 5, Act Two will be going live soon.
Valorant Episode 5, Act Two will likely not bring any new agent or any map changes.

Valorant Episode 5 Act I is coming to a close in a little over a day. This act gave us the new Ascendant rank, a new aquatic map Pearl, and removes Split from the competitive queue. Let’s look at when Valorant Episode 5, Act Two begins.

Valorant Episode 5, Act Two release date and time

The new Act is expected to go live on 24th August. Riot Games usually start patching the client at 2:00 pm PDT (2:30 pm IST or 5:00 am SGT). The server usually experiences downtime for about three hours while the new patch goes live. The competitive queue will be disabled on 23rd August at 7:00 am PDT (7:30 pm IST or 10:00 pm SGT).

What’s in store in Valorant Episode 5, Act Two?

Act 2 will launch with a new battle pass, Champions Event Pass, the Champions Bundle, and the new crosshair settings features.

The new Champions 2022 bundle will debut in Valorant Episode 5, Act Two.

It will also include a new game mode called HURM. According to ValorLeaks, HURM will be an ability-enabled team deathmatch game mode in which players will race to be the first team to get 100 kills.

The new crosshair settings let players use hex codes and change horizontal and vertical crosshair lines separately. You can now copy the crosshair of the currently spectated player by typing /crosshair copy or /cc.

You will now also be able to avoid players in Valorant.

While a new agent called Varun Batra was apparently teased in Valorant’s firing range, there have been no teasers or early access given to content creators as was the case with past agents. According to ValorLeaks, there will be no new Agent or Map Changes with the new act due to Valorant Champions 2022. Back in 2020, Riot had said it would be releasing six agents per year. Last year they released four agents. This year there have only been two new agent releases so we may see an agent release in the later half of Episode 5, Act Two, or at least during the next act.

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