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Valorant May Be Getting An Indian Agent Soon

Abhimannu Das
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A new lore entry in the firing range in Valorant hinted at a new unknown character who might be the game's next agent.
'Varun Batra' is a REALM operative who is working with Legion.
More details about the next agent will be available by the third week of August.

A new email is showing up in Valorant’s firing range that hints at a new unknown character ‘Varun Batra’ whose name suggests that he might be from India. Valorant is popular in India and the addition of an Indian agent will be exciting for fans from the region. However, it is unknown if Varun will be a playable agent or not and he could simply be a non-playable character (NPC) relevant to the lore. Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 is set to drop on 24th August, so we should have more information about the next agent in the coming weeks as Riot Games begins to drop teasers leading up to an actual reveal.

Who is Varun Batra in Valorant?

A new email in the firing range reveals that the keeper of Legion’s new power source is Varun Batra. His Alpha counterpart happens to be a REALM operative, who is responsible for recovering historical artifacts from black market trades. The email questions why an antiquities expert is working with Legion.

Riot Games has a history of teasing agents through in-game lore drops and hidden messages. There is an agent who is codenamed ‘Mage’ in the game’s files and that could be what Varun’s call sign is.

A lot of players are speculating that Varun, who is a rain god in Hindu mythology, might be capable of conjuring water. We already have other agents capable of manipulating fire and wind, and the addition of an agent who controls water is definitely a plausible idea.

There are currently six Duelists and five Initiators in the game which means that the Controller and Sentinel roles are the most likely to get the next agent. Both roles have currently four agents each and the addition of an agent to either of the less populated roles would be welcome.

Fans should keep an eye out in-game for more teasers as well as Riot Games’ social media posts, which are likely to contain more hints about the next agent. With the next major content update set to drop around 24th August, Riot Games is likely to reveal more information about the next agent around the third week of August.

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