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What Is The Odyssey Kayn Bug in League of Legends?

Kayn goes brrrr..!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Odyssey Kayn has a jarring audio bug that has been annoying players on the Summoner’s Rift.
After noticing this, Riot Games has disabled Odyssey Kayn on the live servers and is working on a fix.
Players also pointed out a similar bug with the Nightbringer Kayn skin which has been prevalent for quite some time.

Every new patch in League of Legends could potentially bring forth many bugs. The developers (devs) at Riot Games roll out fixes to these bugs, sometimes instantly through a hotfix, or disable a particular feature to work on it for a few hours or days. As we know, LoL Patch 12.10 was released on 25th May and introduced the Durability Update to the game which boosted a tonne of vital stats for all the champions and also nerfed healing, sustain, and shielding powers. After this patch, players noticed a jarring bug with Odyssey Kayn, one of the famous Kayn skins in the game currently. At the time of writing, a notification of the in-game client stated that Odyssey Kayn has been disabled in the game and that Riot Games was working on a resolution in the meantime.

It wrote, “Due to in-game issues, we have disabled the following skin(s) and are currently working on a resolution: Odyssey Kayn.

What bug does Odyssey Kayn have?

There is a very jarring audio bug with Odyssey Kayn while he casts his E - Shadow Step. Kayn is an assassin in the game who practices shadow magic. He also wields a scythe possessed by a Darkin to use its power even though the Darkin could overpower him and kill him. His abilities allow him to move swiftly across the Summoner’s Rift and deal tonnes of damage to his foes. Shadow Step is one of the abilities in his kit that allows Kayn to literally pass through walls and terrains on the rift.

It looks like the bug was on the Public Beta Environment cycle with the LoL Patch 12.10 testing but somehow managed to slither through to the live servers after the new update.

Global ult? No, global bug

While casting Shadow Step as Odyssey Kayn, players could hear a jarring sound like a drill on the wall that only stopped when Kayn stepped down. For the entire duration of E, while Kayn is traveling through terrains, the audio bug plays out on a loop and can be heard by everyone in the game.

A Reddit user wrote, “Global sound, had a game where literally everyone knew whenever I walked into a wall and begged me to go AFK.

Another user opined that the bug could potentially be animation-related. They said, “Animation code I think actually. He's locked on the first frame of his animation when entering so I think it's just constantly triggering the first bit of the sound byte to play.

According to some players on social media platforms, the audio bug on Odyssey Kayn is only with certain chroma packs and the base skin works just fine. However, Riot has not disabled the chroma but the entire skin.

Additionally, the League of Legends community pointed out that Kayn is a champion who has been infested with bugs ever since his release. Kayn’s Nightbringer skin also reportedly has a bug to do with his ultimate Umbral Trespass.

One user on Youtube stated, “Also in his Nightbringer skin, his ult SFX gets all glitched out and plays on repeat if he either; recasts his ult while his victim is untargetable or if his target dies prematurely (before the second half of the move).

With the skin disabled for a fix on the live servers, players can expect a small micropatch in the next few hours and can expect to see a similar alert on the League of Legends client when the Kayn skin comes back online.

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