New Chat Bug in League of Legends


Is There a New Chat Bug in League of Legends?

Players can also send interesting icons in All and Team chats. What’s up, League chat?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Players are now goofing around with the Team and All chat features in League of Legends.
There seems to be a bug exploit that allows players to take total control of the chat feature.

There seems to be a new chat bug in League of Legends where players can disable everyone inside the game including the ones on the enemy team. It is a really simple exploit that is gaining popularity in the community. League of Legends chat is one of the most discussed features of the game. Well, players don’t often have good things to say to each other and it just turns into a place where they share their quips not-so-friendly remarks. The community is debating whether this supposed bug is a boon or a bane.

What is the new chat bug?

Players now have full control over the chat feature with this new chat bug in League of Legends. By typing “%i:” (of course, without the quotes) in the chat, the player can disable chat for both the teams in that particular game.

We tested out this bug in a custom game lobby. When the player typed out %i: in chat, the team could only hear the messages being sent but not see them, even in the all-chat. This includes the players on the enemy team as well.

Players can also direct message the same exploit to their in-game friends to disable their chat feature altogether.

When the chat is disabled, players in the game can still hear messages being sent but cannot see them in the chat. A user commented on the Youtube video by Vandiril, “It also stopped pings and everything. You could still hear the messages being sent after typed. It was really hilarious in my game because we thought our teammate just broke chat permanently.

Comments under Vandiril's video

How do you revert the new chat bug?

This new chat bug in League of Legends has a very easy remedy. Players can simply type “%” (without the quotes) to enable the chat back again. One just has to do it once and need not enter % before each message. If this does not work in the team chat, try doing it in all chat to fix the chat feature.

Also, when this exploit is being used by a particular player, others in the game can type “%(insert text)” and whatever message they send will appear as if it came from the player who used the exploit.

Sending images in League of Legends chat

It is very unclear if this is a new feature or a bug. Apart from the new chat bug in League of Legends which disables and enables the feature, players are also able to send icons and images in the chat currently. By sending a string in the chat, players should be able to send icons both in the team and all chats in-game.

Players can now send icons of the different ranks (Iron to Challenger) in League of Legends. They can also send other icons like that of Ornn’s, mana regen, tenacity, arrow markings, and danger symbol, among others.

We tested out quite a few icons ourselves and it works. However, we are unsure if all the icons mentioned in the tweet work, so players need to take this with a pinch of salt.

  • Ornn icon: %i:ornnIcon%

  • Challenger icon: %i:rankCHALLENGER% (same goes for all other ranks, just replace CHALLENGER with BRONZE, GOLD, etc)

  • Danger icon: %i:rankDecay%

Icons in League of Legends chat

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At the time of writing this article, this new chat bug in League of Legends along with the sending of icons via chat seems to be working. However, if the icons and images in the text are a legitimate bug, players will soon see a bug fix from Riot Games. As far as the chat disabling and enabling is concerned, it is highly likely that it is a bug since there are in-game options to do just the same.

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