O Brave Knight Mystery Objective


What Is the 'O Brave Knight Mystery Objective' Quest in League of Legends?

Riot Games has rolled out a Mystery Objective for League of Legends players

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Riot Games has just rolled out the 2022 Eclipse Knights Showcase for the release of the new Eclipse skins in League of Legends.
Of the first two newly added missions, one of them is a mystery objective that talks about “Embracing the Eclipse.”
Completing the mission will grant the players 200 Orange Essence and unlock another Eclipse Knights Showcase mission.

With the 2022 Anima Squad Event nearing the last few days, Riot Games has already started to roll out new missions for the upcoming 2022 Eclipse Knights Showcase, to celebrate the release of the new line of Solar and Lunar skins in League of Legends. The Eclipse Knights Showcase was first leaked ahead of its actual release and will run between 28th April and 28th May, overlapping with the Anima Squad Event.

Riot is releasing five Eclipse skins and a Prestige skin in LoL Patch 12.8. There are going to be five champions receiving Eclipse skins.

  • Lunar Eclipse Senna

  • Lunar Eclipse Senna Prestige

  • Lunar Eclipse Aatrox

  • Solar Eclipse Kayle

  • Solar Eclipse Sivir

  • Solar Eclipse Sejuani

Lunar Eclipse Senna

What are the new Eclipse Knights Showcase missions?

Now, as part of the 2022 Eclipse Knights Showcase, Riot Games has introduced two new Missions along with the existing Anima Squad events. They are:

  • Intro to Showcase Milestones

  • O Brave Knight Mystery Objective

New Eclipse Knights Missions

O Brave Knight Mystery Objective: How to finish the mission?

Players should be able to see the newly added missions on the missions tab near the chat box in the League of Legends client.

The title of the mission is:

O brave knight

Seek our lightless champions

Embrace the Eclipse

The mission’s description by Riot reads, “Mystery Objective. Matchmade Games only” and the mission grants the players 200 Orange Essence.

Ever since this mission was rolled out, players have been trying to play new champions and new builds inside the game. Some of them even donned their old Eclipse skins and played the matchmade game, but with no result.

Since the mission description said “Embrace the Eclipse,” players have been trying to finish it by building the mythic item Eclipse, but that does not seem to be the answer to the mystery. A user on Reddit said, “Built eclipse on nocturne didn't get it.

To successfully finish this O Brave Knight Mystery Objective, players need to play as or against one of the champions having a cosmetic in the Eclipse skin line. For this, players need to play as or against Leona, Sejuani, Kayle, Aatrox, Sivir, and Senna. One does not necessarily need to play an Eclipse skin equipped champion to unlock the reward for the mystery objective. However, some of the users on Reddit stated that playing Leona or against Leona has not worked out for them, since she was the only one to have an Eclipse skin.

So it is safe to say that players can try and finish the mission by playing the champions that are receiving the new skins in LoL Patch 12.8. Finishing this mission, will give the players a new mission titled: Slay a Sun Eater? That’s Gonna Cost Ya.

Next Eclipse Knights Mission

Riot Games

It is really interesting that Riot Games is creating fun puzzles and quests for its community to solve. The conversations on social media platforms seem to be full of vigor and new ideas. A Reddit user also suggested trying to complete the O Brave Knight Mystery Objective by using the Eclipse summoner icon, which one can reportedly get after finishing the Intro to Showcase Milestones mission.

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