Fiddlesticks and Yone ult synced


[Watch] Fiddlesticks Player Pulls off Insane Ultimate to Save a Match of LoL

Wombo-combos for the win!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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League of Legends is all about team play and players need to be aware of their teammates’ spells and abilities.
The team fighting stage is the most important phase of any game and it can be won by synchronizing abilities and pulling off some spectacular wombo-combos.
A Fiddlesticks and a Yone managed to pull off an insane combo with their ultimates to save a losing game.

League of Legends is a game that often requires players to synchronize their abilities and make the best use of them. Naturally, there are a lot of wombo-combo plays that players can pull off with certain champions. You might have seen the Yasuo and Malphite classic or the Miss Fortune and Sona bot-lane back in the day. These wombo-combos are so much fun to pull off and can often help the team win, but for that to happen, the team needs to stay strong till the team fighting stage kicks in.

A League of Legends player who goes by the in-game name (IGN) Haleazizi on the Europe West (EUW) server had a perfect Fiddlesticks ultimate which his teammate on Yone followed up flawlessly.

When Fiddlesttick uses his ultimate Crowstorm, he summons a murder of crows that flock wildly around him, dealing damage per second to all enemy units in the area. Fiddlestick’s Q - Terrify also has a passive: Damaging enemies with spells while unseen will make the enemies flee in fear.

What happens in the clip?

From the clip, it is evident that only the Fiddlesticks and the Yone are alive and that their teammates Twitch, Yuumi, and Vi are still dead, probably from a poor team fight that they fought. As the enemy team hits the inner tower in the mid-lane, the Fiddlesticks hides in a bush that the enemies do not have vision on. They proceed to walk towards the same bush without a clue, and the Fiddlesticks uses his R - Crowstorm and also triggers his Terrify passive.

The Yone player, who was also around the raptors’ pit, uses his E - Soul Unbound and uses his R - Fate Sealed and blinks behind the last champion in a line and pulls all enemies towards him.

Following this, the Fiddlesticks also uses his other spells in perfect combination to get a triple kill, while the Yone gets the remaining two kills.

According to OP.GG, Haleazizi was the most valuable player (MVP) of the game with a KDA of 17/5/11 and a kill participation of 57%. His team also won the game in 27 minutes.

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