Tyler1 Pyke Goes All in on LeBlanc Clone, Loses Drake for Team

Tyler1 is indeed ready for Korea!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Tyler1 is getting ready to leave for Korea to do his next Solo Queue challenge and his fans have been closely watching his Solo Queue games.
Recently, his play on Pyke made the League of Legends community chuckle as he flashed and ignited a LeBlanc clone.
Despite his failed play and losing the dragon, tyler1’s team managed to bounce back and win the game.

It has been over a couple of months since Tyler “tyler1” Steinkamp hit Challenger while playing the role of support in the North American (NA) Solo Queue. Following this, the streamer announced that he shall be flying to South Korea for his next challenge where he will autofill his way to Challenger on the extremely competitive Korean server. The fans have been closely watching tyler1 ever since this announcement and every single misplay play made by him is gaining traction in the community. Recently, a misplay by tyler1 on Pyke amassed 13K views, just on the clip alone, not taking into account those who watched the streamer live.

Decoding tyler1’s Pyke play

Streamer tyler1 was playing on his DaRkHaWk72 account, which according to OP.GG is Diamond I - 72 LP at the time of writing. His team was on the blue side and at 18 minutes in-game, both the teams were even in kills and the Mountain Dragon was up for grabs.

At first, tyler1 is seen contesting vision near the enemy’s blue buff, but after the enemy support Karma shows up, he pans his screen to the mid-lane and sees the Ahri dueling the LeBlanc in mid-lane. The Ahri almost kills the LeBlanc in the 1v1 and LeBlanc’s passive Mirror Image gets popped as she drops below 40% health.

LeBlanc Passive Mirror Image: When LeBlanc drops below 40% Health, she becomes invisible for 1 second and creates a Mirror Image that deals no damage and lasts for up to 8 seconds.

Tyler1 rushes to help Ahri secure the kill but goes overboard in doing so. He flashes in for the kill, ignites LeBlanc, and then realizes that he had ignited the clone as the clone dies and LeBlanc survives. Meanwhile, the enemy team secured the Mountain Dragon, making things worse for tyler1’s squad.

Immediately, tyler1 facepalmed himself and said, “Bro, I don’t care. the Ahri pinged. Oh my god! And then we lost the dragon and died.

Post game stats for tyler1 and team

Luckily for tyler1’s team, they managed to recover from that not-so-flashy play. The blue side won the game after securing eight towers, three dragons, and two barons in 39 minutes. Tyler1 on Pyke had a K/D/A of 10/13/7 with kill participation of 44% and was ranked the third-best player in the game, according to the OP.GG score.

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