VCT 2023 Pacific League Showmatch: Complete Details


VCT 2023 Pacific League Showmatch: Teams, Players, Schedule, Map, More

Here is everything you need to know about the showmatch.

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The VCT 2023 Pacific League Showmatch is all set to take place this weekend on 27th May.
The showmatch will take place right before the lower bracket final which is scheduled to take place between T1 and DRX.
Two teams of five players each will clash in a best-of-one series on Bind.

Riot Games has released details about the Valorant showmatch which will be played as part of the ongoing VCT 2023 Pacific League on 27th May, Saturday, right before the lower bracket finals which will take place between the two South Korean teams DRX and T1.

The two teams that will be competing in the showmatch are Team Bunny (BNY) and Team SuperBusS (SPB) named after the captains of both sides, Chae "Bunny" Joon-hyuk and Nattawat "SuperBusS" Yoosawat.

Eight other players have been chosen and will be competing as part of either team in this best-of-one series which will take place on Bind, the latest map to re-enter matchmaking following some changes.

VCT 2023 Pacific League Showmatch: Complete Details

Here is everything you need to know about the showmatch which will be played as part of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 Pacific League, with the playoffs coming to a close this weekend following the lower bracket finals and grand finals matches.

Teams and Players

The two teams and their respective lineups for the showmatch are as follows,

Team Bunny

  1. Chae “Bunny” Joon-hyu

  2. Patiphan “cgrs” Posri

  3. Tomoki “xnfri” Moriya

  4. David “xffero” Monangin

  5. Clutch_Fi

Team SuperBusS

  1. Nattawat “SuperBusS” Yoosawat

  2. Thanamethk “Crws” Mahatthananuyut

  3. Raemon “Razzie Binx” Bingcang

  4. Kim “t3xture” Na-ra

  5. Kang “YuRiHaNa” Jin-joo

VCT 2023 Pacific League Showmatch - Complete Details

Team BNY

This team is being captained by Bunny who is also known as the 'Korean Raze'. He retired last year as a professional Valorant player following a 12-month stint with F4Q.

One of the most popular streamers and players from Thailand, cgrs who is also a member of Paper Rex will be joining him, alongside two other professional players xnfri from DetonatioN FocusMe and xffero from Rex Regum Qeon.

The last member of the team will be Clutch_Fi who recently signed as a content creator with ZETA DIVISION and regularly streams on Twitch.

Team SPB

The team will be captained by SuperBusS from Thailand who currently plays for a team called FULL SENSE. He will be joined by two other professional players, Crws from Talon Esports and texture from Global Esports.

A content creator from the Philippines who enjoys a massive social media following across Facebook and YouTube, Razzie Binx will also be a part of this team.

The final member will be YuRiHaNa, who is a professional player for DRX Changers and has previously competed with a team called Sengoku Gaming Female.

The showmatch will be held right before the lower bracket finals on 27th May with the two teams fighting on Bind in a single game series. It is going to act as a thrilling opener to set the mood for all audience members present at the Jangchung Arena.

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