VCT 2023 Ascension EMEA: All Qualified Valorant Teams


VCT 2023 Ascension EMEA: All Qualified Valorant Teams

One shot, one opportunity, one slot.

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A total of ten teams from multiple regions will be competing in the VCT 2023 Ascension EMEA.
The tournament will be played from 30th June to 16th July with the winner qualifying for the VCT 2023/2025 EMEA League.
Here are all the teams that have managed to qualify for the tournament after grinding through their respective VCL events.

All eyes are currently on the international Valorant circuit where serious competition is brewing between top organizations from around the world. At the same time, aspiring regional teams are also preparing hard to reach their level via the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Ascension, by securing the single available franchise slot.

The various Valorant Challenger League (VCL) tournaments from across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa (EMEA) region are about to conclude and their respective winners will compete against each other in the VCT 2023 Ascension EMEA, scheduled to take place from 30th June to 16th July.

This will be a high-stakes encounter for all ten qualifying participants because only one of them will get an opportunity to compete in the upcoming VCT 2024/2025 EMEA League.

All Valorant teams that have qualified for the VCT 2023 Ascension EMEA

It has been a tough fight for these teams, facing stiff competition across two splits in their respective regions during the first six months of 2023 to finally reach the last step of the ladder.

All ten qualifying teams are the best that their region or country has to offer at the moment and they will be looking forward to competing in the international league from next year onwards.

Here are all ten teams that will be locking horns in this crucial tournament which can make or break their future.

  1. Apeks | Northern Euope

  2. CGN Esports | DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

  3. CASE Esports | Spain

  4. Digital Athletics | Turkey

  5. Team Falcons | Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

  6. Dsyre | Italy

  7. Gentle Mates | France

  8. SAW | Portugal

  9. Acend | Eastern Europe

  10. TBD | EMEA Play-In


The Norwegian esports organization that currently houses a mixed European roster will be representing the entire region of Northern Europe, having won both the VCL 2023 Northern Europe: Polaris Split 1 and VCL 2023 Northern Europe: Polaris Split 2.

In its recent outing, Apeks went on a 10-0 win streak through the regular season, seeding stage, and playoffs, dropping just three maps in the process.

CGN Esports

This German esports organization whose full name is Cologne Gaming Network has managed to qualify through the DACH (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) region on the back of impressive performances in the regional circuit.

The team started out slow during the VCL 2023 DACH Split 1, barely managing to qualify through the regular season on the back of a 2-4-1 scoreline. However, it picked up pace in the playoffs and went on to win the tournament.

Even in VCL 2023 DACH Split 2, the team has managed to reach the grand final, earning enough circuit points to secure the regional slot.

CASE Esports

It was a tough grind for them facing stiff competition from Team Queso right through the VCL 2023 Spain Split 1 and VCL 2023 Spain Split 2, but the team fought through and won both the tournament to qualify for the regional finals.

In its recent outing, CASE went on a 15-5 run through the regular season and playoffs, dropping eight maps in the process.

Digital Athletics

A massive comeback after finishing seventh in the VCL 2023 Turkey Split 1, Digital Athletics pulled up their socks and put in the work to win the crucial VCL 2023 Turkey Split 2.

It was not easy as they barely managed to qualify for the playoffs on the back of a 4-4 run in the regular season, and immediately dropped down to the lower bracket thereafter.

However, the team showed resilience and won the next three matches to reach the grand final where they whitewashed S2G Esports and completed their cinderella run.

Team Falcons

A bit different than the other regions, top teams from different circuits came together and took on each other on LAN in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From among those teams, Falcons fought hard and went on a 7-4 run to walk away as the champions.


Missing out on a win in the VCL 2023 Italy Split 1 where they ended up as the runners-up despite topping the leaderboard during the regular season. The team came back stronger in the VCL 2023 Italy Split 2, going 10-4 in the regular season and following it up with a 2-1 run in the playoffs, where they swept GMT Esports to claim the top spot.

Gentle Mates

Complete domination for the side who played the two regional events under different banners, winning the VCL 2023 France Split 1 as SBG and VCL 2023 France Split 2 as Gentle Mates.

In its recent outing, Gentle Mates went on a 15-5 run through the regular season and playoffs, dropping eight maps in the process.


This team managed to win both the VCL 2023 East Surge Split 1 and VCL 2023 East Surge Split 2, competing against Enterprise Esports in the grand finals of both these regional qualifiers and in both occurrences handing them a clean 3-0 defeat.

Acend will be representing the whole of Eastern Europe following its recent outing where it went 14-4 during the group stage and 7-2 in the playoffs.


The complete Portuguese lineup of SAW delivered consecutive victories across the VCL 2023 Portugal Split 1 and VCL 2023 Portugal Split 2, defeating GTZ in both their grand final appearances to earn their spot.

In its recent outing, SAW went on a 12-2 run through the regular season and 5-0 during the playoffs, dropping just two maps in the entire qualifier.

Out of the ten available slots, only one final position remains to be filled now. This will get finalized once the VCL 2023 Ascension EMEA Play-In concludes on 27th June.

The regional final is slowly taking shape but only one team will be able to ascend to the international stage, so prepare yourself for some top-notch action as everyone delivers their absolute best.

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