Apex Legends Vantage wants to take part in the Apex Games alongside her bat friend and pet Echo


Vantage Appeals to Apex Games to Fight Alongside Her Pet Echo

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Vantage, the newest legend in Apex Legends, is appealing to the Apex Games to bring her winged companion Echo to the battlefield.
She uses Bloodhound as an example and says Echo is usually very nice.

Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted is just around the corner and the players and fans were treated to a cinematic featuring the newest legend Vantage. From the new Stories from the Outlands, we learned that Vantage’s real name is Mara and that she is a survivalist who grew up on the planet of Págos, with her mother. After being called to be a part of the Apex Games, it looks like Vantage is hell-bent on fighting alongside her cute pet that was featured in the cinematic. According to a new teaser posted by Apex Legends, Vantage is appealing to the Games to let her bring her pet Echo to the battlefield.

Vantage’s comments for consideration

The appeal form that is filled by Vantage revealed her full name as Xiomara “Vantage” Contreras. It also made it clear that she was appealing a rulebook ruling in the Apex Games.

The Rulebook Code referenced by Vantage is “Rule 13: Unauthorized Instruments” and Article 733 - Pets. It soon became clear that she was prohibited from entering the Apex Games due to an unauthorized instrument and that the authorities were referring to her bat-friend Echo. Additionally, this is Vantage’s second appeal to the Games.

In her comments, Vantage brought up Bloodhound’s Raven and stated that there is no reason to not allow Echo to participate in the Apex Games. She wrote, “Bloodhound’s flying pet is mean and bullies other legends like Pathfinder. Echo is nice! Well, usually.

Vantage also explained that Echo’s out-of-character and unfortunate attack on another prospect should not be a reason to block Echo from the Games. She wrote, “Echo was confused, as we all were, by the contestant’s bushy eyebrows. They looked like grubs and he likes to eat grubs.

She ended her appeal by stating clearly that she would be a part of Apex Legends only if they let Echo play by her side.

Ever since Vantage’s Stories from the Outlands trailer dropped, fans have been admiring the bat that was featured in it. Vantage walks into an abandoned ship on Págos despite her mother’s warning and gets hurt. However, she meets Echo who helps bring her whistle to her mother. From the looks of the appeal letter and from the leaks that were circulated, it is possible that Echo will become Vantage’s pet companion in Apex Legends. Vantage is also suspected to be a recon legend in the game. Notably, her leaked tactical ability was called Echo Launch.

Tactical: Echo Launch – Launch towards your winged companion, Echo. Order Echo by tapping Q. Launch to Echo by holding Q.

With Vantage arriving in Apex Legends on 9th August, fans will soon be receiving more information about the legend in a gameplay video from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts.

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