Valorant’s Breeze Map has Zedd’s Recording Studio

Abhimannu Das
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Zedd X Valorant

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Valorant’s Breeze Map has an easter egg featuring DJ Anton “Zedd” Zaslavski's studio.
The studio area can be accessed near Rudy’s record shop in Ghost mode in custom games.
The easter egg was most likely added to promote the new Spectrum skin collection featuring Zedd.

Riot Games recently partnered with DJ Anton “Zedd” Zaslavski to launch its Spectrum skin collection which released earlier this week. There are a ton of teasers hidden in the cosmetics launched as part of the latest patch, but the biggest secret hidden in the current patch is actually Zedd’s recording studio. Reddit user, “u/squagwhofromph” posted a video of the location after discovering it, and it is one of the many easter eggs that Riot Games has added to Valorant over the past year. Some of the easter eggs include Riot’s homages to games like Overwatch and Team Fortress 2.

How to find the Zedd easter egg in Valorant

If you spawn on Breeze’s attackers’ side, you may have heard a tune from Rudy’s record shop. Riot Games added an update to the record shop and it now includes audio from the Spectrum Collection’s theme song in a bid to promote the new cosmetics which were released in collaboration with Zedd. However, if you take a closer look in the shop area, you will notice that there is a recording studio designed for Zedd with a massive Z on the wall.

You will need to use Ghost Mode to enter the area. Players can access this flying-glitch by going into a custom match, setting the “Cheats” option to 'on' when creating the custom game. You will get an option to enable Ghost Mode, which will allow you to fly into unintended locations.

If you use Ghost Mode and enter Zedd’s recording studio, you will notice several speakers, a piano, and other equipments placed inside. There are also some easter eggs included in the Spectrum Collection which is now available for 10,700 Valorant Points in the in-game store. You can purchase individual skins for 2,675 VP if you want one of the weapons or 5,350 VP for the melee skin.

The bundle will grant you access to a gun buddy, a finisher animation which is essentially a light show. There are also unique animations available as part of the music-themed skins where all agents tap their fingers to the music when idle. Zedd is a long-time Valorant player and he has achieved the rank of Immortal in the past, which puts him in the top 2.5% of the playerbase.

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