5 Easter Eggs in Valorant You May Have Missed


5 Easter Eggs in Valorant You May Have Missed

Abhimannu Das
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  • Here are some of the best easter eggs in Valorant that you may have missed.
  • There are secrets surrounding agent 14 spread throughout Icebox if you keep an eye out for clues.
  • Riot has also referenced other games like Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends within the world of Valorant.

Valorant is the hottest new tactical shooter of 2020, and Riot has received praise for its snappy gameplay, but many players have been asking for more lore and a story mode. While Riot has mentioned they will work on a story mode at their own discretion, players are left with in-game references and lore to toy around with in the meanwhile. Here are five hidden easter eggs that you may have missed in the game. 

Hidden Jump Course

There is a hidden jump course in the shooting range, and if you clear it, you get a reward. We will not spoil the reward for clearing the course, but you can check out the jump course yourself by heading to the shooting range and heading towards the portal. Once you are outside, take a right and keep moving until you notice blue footsteps on the ground. Keep following them, and you will find the hidden jump course. You can clear it on any character, and there are no abilities needed. 

Agent 14 Teasers in Icebox 

There are shadows and sound effects on Icebox that indicate what Agent 14 will be like. Riot has been teasing the new agent for weeks, and we are just two weeks away from the reveal, along with the new episode’s patch dropping in the 2nd week of January. 

Candy Cane Knife 

If you bought the recent Candy Cane melee skin, you could turn it into a knife. All you need to do is keep hitting objects around you until the candy cane breaks and turns into a sharp object. It does not affect the melee weapon’s hitbox, and you can use it to stab others with a lethal candy cane!

Team Fortress 2 Easter Egg 

Team Fortress 2 Easter Egg. Image Credit: Riot Games

There is a hidden jar of urine and a sniper rifle case in Valorant. The jar of urine is an unlockable mason jar that acts as a throwable weapon for the Sniper in Team Fortress. It can be used to reveal enemy spies and is an interesting item in the game that can disable cloaking devices. Anyone who obtains 11 Sniper achievements is awarded the item in TF2. 

Hidden Sage Voice Lines

If you play custom games with instant-revives, you can revive your own body as Sage. On doing so, a voice line triggers, saying, “so that’s what it feels like.” This is exactly the same as Mercy’s voice line in Overwatch when she damage boosts another Mercy in custom games. 

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