Zedd and Dr Disrespect Might Be Duoing in a Valorant Stream Soon


Zedd and Dr Disrespect Might Be Duoing in a Valorant Stream Soon

Abhimannu Das
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  • Zedd requested Dr Disrespect to duo with him after Doc talked about how he is addicted to Valorant again.
  • Dr Disrespect is yet to respond and fans are anxiously waiting for a duo to happen between them.
  • Dr Disrespect's ban from Twitch makes it impossible for Zedd to livestream on Twitch without getting banned.

DJ Anton ‘Zedd’ Zaslavski is known not just for his music, but also his Valorant skills. He streams the game on Twitch once in a while and is up for duoing with Dr Disrespect sometime in the future. The popular DJ used to stream regularly when was grinding Valorant’s ranked mode to reach Immortal. The Phoenix and Jett player tweeted out “Doc, it’s time for us to duo”. Dr Disrespect is yet to respond to Zedd but the potential duo stream has the potential to break livestreaming records. Fans started tweeting out to Riot Games and Dr Disrespect to make the collaboration with Zedd happen in the near future. 

Does Dr Disrespect Want to Duo With Zedd?

Zedd will not be able to stream on Twitch if he wants to duo with Dr Disrespect. According to Twitch’s terms of service, playing with a banned player is not allowed and it could lead to Zedd getting suspended from the platform. However, Dr Disrespect can duo with Zedd on YouTube without putting the DJ in troubled waters on Twitch. Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from Twitch last year for unknown reasons which is why the collaboration cannot happen on a Twitch livestream. Doc is yet to respond to the tweet and fans are eagerly waiting for the popular streamer to respond. 

Zedd’s One of The Top 2.5% Valorant Players

Zedd achieved the rank of Immortal last month which is among the highest ranks in the game. The top 2.5% make up the Immortal and Radiant ranks. Zedd and Dr Disrespect duoing would mean quite the entertainment value for fans. Both players are competent at FPS titles and everyone is hoping Dr Disrespect responds to Zedd’s tweet. 

Dr Disrespect Wants to Collaborate With Riot Games 

Doc recently tweeted out that he is addicted to Valorant again and he loves the feeling of getting the final kill on the enemy team. He wants to collaborate with Riot Games and help create a map. A Riot developer responded to his request claiming that she is working on new maps for the game but did not take up the content creator’s offer just yet.

Fans will have to wait and see if Dr Disrespect responds to the tweet. A collaboration on YouTube is not out of the question just yet. Despite his ban on Twitch last year, Doc continues to enjoy high viewership numbers with a peak of 485K concurrent viewers after he moved to YouTube. 

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